Joystick Casino


This idea maybe controversial considering I got get after the Brazzers wanting to help support the FGC. But basically it would be an idea to have a Joystick Casino.

I am an older gamer 29. And I love the fighting game genre with a passion. But if the community wants video games and especially fighters not to be seen as kiddie then some times drastic measures have to be taken.

I think it would be a good idea for a casino in Las Vegas to run fighting games tournaments where people could bet on who would win. I mean I hear there is already underground betting want not make it legal.I think many people who thrown down their bets of a Justin Wong versus Daigo match.

A lot of arcade owners have trouble keeping there arcade profitable. But if they say added booze, gambling(If in Las Vegas or an Indian Reservation), and maybe some exotic dancers themed around the fighting games. I believe it would be quite profitable.

I feel that I will be probably get much ridicule for saying such a statement but I had to say it.





eh, if you are just going to dilute the fighting games in your venue with typical vegas debauchery, why even have the fighting games in the first place? Are you going to pay Justin and Daigo to play eachother every night? Who is going to travel to an indian reservation or Vegas for fighting games more than once a year?


Why would any business owner add arcade games to that mix when they could make more money without them? It doesn’t really seem like you’ve thought this through.


There’s already that type venue geared towards adults who play games in Vegas, but who the hell is going to go to a casino to play fighting games? Plus the debauchery already happens without the need to exclusively go to a casino.


Ground Kontrol in Portland has booze, and it is MAGICAL.

The other stuff you mention is not necessary.


I only mention it because people will bet on anything. In Las Vegas which is were Evo is held in Caesar Palace, no less. Plus a lot professional gamers of top tier talk about how they wish prizes could be more and they could be basically like an athlete. Which in turns is why fighting leagues get sponsored by energy drinks etc. Basically High Level players want money maybe even one day to make a living off of it. Even Capcom complains the Street Fighter X Tekken didn’t do sales as well as they hope. But I know a lot of guys that have underground bets on themselves, cash pots, and bet who is going to win on games all the time. Even in this video between Gootecks and Mike Ross they mentioned side bets. [media=youtube]wBfi5ZnRikw[/media] And also I had another post about Arcades and as many I talked about how I wish for arcades back. Well the arcades can’t bring in money with a quarter. But I am pretty sure if gambling was involved there were more of customer turn out. To me Fighting games are fun video game to play but to me it’s the best Spectator video game. It is the only game I know off where you don’t to need nothing about video games to know that one person wins and the other loses. And in order to make Fighting games even more profitable and to make the industry huge I feel that gambling would be a good solution. It already happens, EVO is in Las Vegas. Why not? So you going to tell me that all the people that go to EVO don’t bet on who the top 8 will be? in Las Vegas where betting is so common. I mean fighting games want to be like a serious sport. Well many sports would have not grown if it was not for gambling whether underground or legal. (A lot people bet on the Superbowl so why not Evo?) also even Seth Killian has done Money Matches


Unless you can convince casinos that fighting games will make them more money per square foot than slot machines*, this is never going to get off the ground.

*hint: speaking of betting, the smart money says you can’t because they don’t.


Maybe make it a streammonster bar and get the chicks to cosplay as Kappa and DansGame.