Joystick choices and modded ps 2

Hi, I am getting a Modified PS2 slim soon and would like to get a Arcade stick for usage of mostly 2D fighting games.

I do not want to mod my joystick and iam quite new to joysticks. I did some searching and chance upon 2 to 3 choices…

Which one should I get for best playing purposes vs cost of stick?

  1. Mayflash
  2. Hori fighting stick 2
  3. HRAP 2(rare to get)

the mayflash is cheapest but from wat i gather here its not good if left unmodded. and also HFS2 buttons are rubber contact so I dun know if its good for long usuge but the price is quite okie…
Lastly the HRAP 2 is quite expensive is it worth the money

And last question if i have a modified PS2 would the HRAP2 and HFS2 work fine ?

AFAIK, having a ps2 modded shouldn’t affect the controller ports.

Thanks TingBoy for such a quick reply…

Okie now the final question is which stick should I get?

HRAP 2 or HSF2 ?
I know the HSF2 is alot cheaper but i read that its button are rubber contact which is not good? and how abt the stick?

HRAP should definately be better but by how much and is it worth the price ?(its alot more expensive than HSF2)

The HRAP series is VERY worth your money. If you’re not too picky, the stock buttons are ok and the stick itself is great since it’s a Sanwa JLF. If the parts ever break on you, you can buy and easily replace the broken parts. I really recommend you not get the HFS2

Get the HRAP2. It’s better to get the best right off the bat instead of buying a bunch off crappier sticks hoping you will eventually like one. Plus I believe the Mayflash stick is for PC/PS3.

It’s for PS2 and PC/PS3. If you can mod the Mayflash, I think you should go with that in case your ever gonna upgrade. Or if you have a converter, go for HRAP2, Don’t even think about the HFS2.

Okie thanks for the advice…now the problem is the site i wanted to get HRAP2 is sold out on it…Do any of you know where else to get the HRAP with reasonable price?

thanks in advance.

ebay you can find an hrap real easy for about 100, maybe another 20 or 30 for shipping. I just finished modding a HFS2… now its great… but i ended up spending the same amount i would of if i just got the HRAP.