Joystick concept, anyone seen this before?


I was reading an article on twitch muscle and essentially when it comes to speed arm > wrist which suggests this could advantageous and wondering if this has been done already before going through the trouble of fabricating one.

Over sized actuator, short shaft, oversized ergonomic gripped ball top.




To be fair the Joyball was a total failure, and it handled poorly.
It is only one of the new Famicom controllers that can’t be adapted to the US NES.


I emptied out a magic 8 ball and put it on a standard stick with some modeling clay, already have an oversized actuator. The results are actually are fairly promising, I wasn’t riding the gate as hard and it was really comfortable. I wasn’t as stiff on back dashes playing on the left. Still need to get the throw shorter.


Is the arm faster than the fingers? I barely move my wrist.


My arm is stationary, wrist barely moves and fingers make most of the sticks movements.


I’ve never been able to do that small balltop grip, big hands. I play with a bat top normally whole hand and wrist movement here.


Try a bat top or 45mm ball top
both require a bat top adapter