Joystick Diaries: My First Stick Work Log

So inspired by many of you on the forums, esp haha im panda’s boxes, I decided to make my own box. So far I’ve made my box and got my toodles board wired. Almost ready for paint and assembly!

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I’ll probably end up drilling a whole new top plate as well as the acrylic, but overall it’s coming around!

Video Post 1:

Looking good. I don’t see anything wrong with the top plate, why are you thinking of re doing it?

actually more that i need to cut a new acrylic top cause i cracked it… but I was thinking of cutting the middle part of the buttons out and letting the xbox led shine through.

Lookin pretty cool that!

From first glance I think the holes are a bit close. I doesn’t look like the buttons will fit or if they fit they’ll be on top of each other.

The stick looks great at it’s current state, looking forward to the finished product!:lovin:

I think there should be at leas 6mm between the edge of each hole, if you want to have Sanwa OSBNs.

Seimitsu’s have slightly smaller nuts so you might be able to put those in. Just wait until you get your parts for a test fit before you do anything though. It just might work the way it is.

the buttons were test fit and drilled using the template from the TE stick, there’s enough spacing =)