Joystick differences

Hi everyone,

I have a Qanba Q4 tri-mod (the white & red one) and I have found the “dead zone” (the area where the joystick can be to perform no directional inputs) to be too small for my liking. I have done some preliminary searching and have only found minimal data. Can anyone direct me to a) the differences between different joysticks and b) what type of joystick is in my stick currently?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Q4 RAF arcade sticks should come with a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK.

Comparison table here:

D’oh, didn’t think to check slagcoin. Thanks a bunch, gahrling

Perhaps the following key might help others as it helped me.

Joystick Model gives the maker and at least the early part of the model number; corresponding ratings include all models starting with those letters and/or numbers
Weight is the total weight of the joystick unit and is approximate because different parts can be added or removed
Body Diameter describes the width mainly of the housing just below the plate and excludes things like switches and gates
Handle To Plate is the distance from the bottom of the ball top handle to the top of the mounting plate
Plate To Base is the distance from the top of the mounting plate to the bottom of the joystick (ie the bottom of the shaft)
S-Plate gives the distance offset by the S-plate; the given number is usually added to the Handle To Plate and subtracted from the Plate To Base
Restrictors list the shapes of restriction available; “+” means it has to be purchased separately; “S” = Square, “R” = Rhombus, “C” = Circle, “O” = Octagon", “P” = Plus, “B” = Bar
Deflection rates how much the joystick bounces around when released from the throw distance (this can be lowered using stronger springs)
Engage Distance rates the distance the joystick moves from neutral before engaging directions
Throw Distance rates the distance the joystick moves from neutral before hitting the restrictors
Tension rates the strength of the spring
Pivot Quality rates how smoothly the joystick pivots around
Durability rates how well the joystick endures usage
Neutral Precision rates how well the joystick rests between the switches at neutral
Engage Precision rates the uniformity in the engage distance of each direction

You probably already know this, but focus attack is having a sale; joysticks are 5% off (which is what prompted this post). Thanks again!

Okay, I’ve confused myself. My joystick is listed as having a “far” engage distance; I can feel a difference in the neutral zone between my stick and the TE that I used to use. What might account for this? Perhaps different tensions?

Let me elaborate a bit; when I made the switch, I noticed myself having a lot of trouble getting dashes to register. I thought I was just out of practice, but when I used a friend’s TE I found that I was dashing just fine. What should I look to change in my stick, if anything?

How long have you been using the stick for ? I found my qanba extremely stiff and uncomfortable when I first got it compared to my TE but after some use it feels the exact same as my other stick which it should it’s the exact same stick.

@Liam: about six months, but I found it to be much looser than the TE, actually. Bear in mind that it’s not the stock Q4; it’s the red and white one. I would assume that it has the same parts, but who knows. I verified on the site I ordered from (canadian joysticks), and it has a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK (or, at least, the ones that they are selling now do, though I see no reason that it would be different).