Joystick error?

Hi, recently my second TE stick which is used way less than my first if even used at all has started to have issues. The joystick while in a neutral position seems to aim downwards in game on my ps3. Any ideas of whats wrong or any solutions?

did you mod or change anything with your stick?

if your stick is not new check the wiring, if it is new take advantage of the warranty if you can

There’s a fault caused by the PS3 TE pcb (Mad Catz saving cash by using cheap components) which can cause this, though without testing the board with a multimeter it will be difficult to confirm. I’ve seen this problem in TE sticks approx five different times, all instances were fixed by de-soldering then re-soldering the problematic directional points.

I’ve not personally seen this problem with 360 Fightsticks, though have been told it happens on that console as well.

Phreakazoid’s better solution:

If no experience with soldering then get a refund or replacement from wherever you got it from.