Joystick Feet

The rubber feet on my stick fell off and I lost all but one of them. I’m looking to replace those feet with something a bit longer lasting. Any suggestions? Anything that perhaps screws in place, or will stay firm with extra strength krazy glue?

You can pick up screw-in rubber feet at any hardware store. If you wanna go the glue route, I suggest good old epoxy resin. Just be careful not to breathe the fumes while mixing it, and be careful while applying it. Once it cures, it’s not going ANYWHERE. Don’t remember the exact tensile strength, but it’s effing strong stuff.

If you’re comfortable with using a drill then definitely go to the hardware store and buy some rubber feet with screws through them. They are a lot better than what comes stock on most sticks.


The drill in feet are really sturdy and effective.

i use the screw in rubber feet as well. at my home depot they are listed as ‘anti-slip’ feet for furniture.

lol i was wondering where i could find those rubber feet

instead i just went to radio shack and got myself their rubber feets (which isn’t that bad).

Looking to replace the ones that came with the SE MadCatz stick – are these replaceable with what you can get at the hardware store?

Yeah, the SE’s rubber feet aren’t that great to begin with. I’d go to a hardware store and get larger/wider feet and a washer to secure it with the stock screws.

Has anyone tried gluing a mouse pad with rubber base to a stick? My stick moves too easily and this may give it more grip than the original rubber feet.

check out mine

i’ve got a bunch

Yeah, two of them fell off my stick while in transit (I think). I replaced them with Shepherd 25mm/1" Heavy Duty Anti-Skid Pads from The Home Depot. I also picked up some #4 (20mm) washers from the metric section of the nuts and bolts. They sort of secure the stock screws to the new feet.

Thanks for the help!

I’m sure that not all screw-on feet are hard rubber but the hard ones are all I could ever find. (Well, also felt and plastic ones.)

I tried a number of different hardware stores and eventually found soft, textured circular rubber pads with adhesive backings. (They’re usually in the section where they keep feet for chairs to protect floors.) You can just stick them on and that’s that. They’re super grippy on smooth surfaces, and I’ve never had one fall off. Should be easy enough to peel off though, just in case they ever do wear out. Cheap, too: packs with maybe a couple dozen are only a few bucks each. They’re so perfect.

I’m sure I’m not the only person using them for custom sticks, but I don’t think that I’ve ever heard of or seen them on anyone else’s. They’re just like the ones that come on the bottoms of HRAP’s.