Joystick FIEND overnight...I hate Markman


Haha just kidding. Markman is THE MAN.

This joystick thing came out of nowhere, well it was probably due to MVC3. I’m a gadget freak as it is (I’m pretty sure 86% of filipinos are), so this crack addiction to a specific “genre” of tech toys is all too familiar. But I think I’ll stop at the 2 sticks I purchased within 48 hours.

1x SE Fightstick 360 (plays like poo, purchased with SFIV years ago)
1x TE Round 2 Fightstick PS3
1x Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA

Being a fulltime student and classes/clinicals/studying for 80 hours a week, coming home and playing with these sticks has been such a relaxing and joyful experience. Seriously, playing MVC3 is just way more fun with these sticks. Thinking of picking up SSFIV and Tekken 6 now to get more into fighting games.

The TE round 2 Fightstick I find especially fun right now, since the HRAP V3 hasnt come in yet (Friday). I understand this could get out of hand financially, so I’m happy I have 2 of the top-tier sticks out. The only source of income I have is DJing, and I already booked 2 gigs specifically with the Hori VLX in mind. LOL

I always wanted to mod my SE stick, but always liked the form factor of the TE stick anyway. But now, I think I’ll mod the TE anyway.

Sigh…anyone else get hooked recently on this joystick business?


That was me last year, trust me. More for blazblue than street fighter. I can’t just get myself worked up over street fighter but i’m trying.

filipinos represent


BlazBlue looks awesome, might have to get into that too!!

Sigh, whenever I jump on the TE stick to play, its hard not stop!! Just feels so smooth and silky, and pulling off Arthur’s daggers without whiffing feels GREAT! lol I cannot wait to try out the Hori stick this week, but it’s hard to justify having 2 sticks really without starting to call myself a “collector”. A casual gamer, definitely. But it’s just fun to have the sticks I guess lol.

What sticks do you have?



Brought IS to the P2D event last week. Everyone was fawning over it since we rarely get to see customs like that over here in the islands (let alone a full, LED lit, multi-console, TEK-Case build).


In the same boat as you my friend.

Which is why even if I have about 4 custom sticks and a TE, I still had to get a VLX.

When I first touched one at EVO last year I was like :wow:.

But yeah, i thought it was just me with the whole obsessive compulsive thing to collect things.

Here I am now waiting on a Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting cabinet with no room and hoping I can put it at my moms place.

This is definitely an addicting hobby, but I say just know what you want and you should be good.

From the first day I started looking into sticks, im still chasing after my white whale (Namco Soul Edge Stick), maybe one day.


Have I mentioned the HSS-0136 in my closet that I’ve never used because I don’t have a Saturn?


I missed out on the batch of HRAP3 sold in the Philippines the last two years. Just didn’t have money. I eventually found a secondhand SE and put Sanwa upgrades to it. I think this stick addiction will be for a long time. I’ll probably stop when I can get my hands on a VSHG.


It seems like I spend more time tinkering with my arcade sticks than playing video games with them.

I think I just like building something that works. As a little kid one thing I considered going into was product design, and this hobby allows me to actually sort of do that start to finish.


@Taparas i’ll join you in the recently obsessed category. Currently only have one Sanwa’d SE (bought and modded for my wife for xmas this past year) and an MvC TE. However, i have everything ready to multi mod em, and enough parts to fully build one stick from the ground up, along with everything needed to upgrade my Agetec DC stick (getting a dremel this weekend, w00t!)… along with having a few extra octo-gates i keep on hand for friends now. (already threw it 'em in 2 w/ in the past week, had to restock myself).

I’ve very quickly become the go-to guy to about 10+ people for stick related questions… and i’ve only been hardcore (read: fucking obsessed) for a few months.

It’s finally given me a totalitarian reason to get into soldering… which has many many benefits heh.

(oh, planning on doing to full custom in the near future, and building a cab come spring time heh)

I’m down with the sickness. :wink:


@D3V thats a sick stick brother! Definitely would love to eventually make it out to an event in NJ/NYC soon and see some of the creativity of these sticks, oh and maybe enter competitively in one of the events (I have the proper tools now, right? Might as well! lol)

@BigsexyC420 Man I’m hoping to eventually get a custom vewlix cab from Kray…that man is TALENTED. I need me one of those once school is done and I finally buy my own place in 2 years. The VLX is still on deck, but need to get my pockets a little fatter, and maybe get better with these sticks first before justifying that BEAST!!

@rtdzign I havent gotten into the “modding” part yet, but I feel like im getting there soon haha

@WildWon I got a disease, and the only cure, is more joysticks…


Im the complete opposite, im trying to get rid of my joysticks…Waste of time & money…


Well, waste of your time and money. Anything can hold significant value to its owner, and only the owner can really measure that.

Sorry you wasted so much time and money though =/


I think i had about 26+ arcade sticks, im now down to 15 or so…


I’m completely addicted to building arcade sticks, to the point where I don’t even care if I make a profit from selling them, I just want to see my new design come to life. I only made my first “Batch” So I could afford to make one for myself but the sad thing was I never got to keep one. It was strange because I didn’t care that much because I was already thinking about the next build, then the next and the next after that. I’m neck deep into my newest model and already and I havent even finished building my current build and I’m already thinking of Ideas for the next after that :. This needs to stop or I need to start making money…

Arcade sticks are a hell of a drug :stuck_out_tongue:


You also need to finish that HDR tourney you slacker!


This summer I’m definitely going to get into building a stick, me thinks. It just sounds like an amazing, fun project.


Oh damn I totally forgot :\ did I win?


I went straight from “collecting” two TE’s to having my own arcade cab (vewlix clone). As much as i would like collecting sticks, having an arcade cab changes things a lot. As how I have it, I don’t really need any more sticks because of it, unless i’m planning on having another cab (the wife doubts that very much haha).

I did have my eyes on the V3sa when it came out last year but at the time, i already have my cab in the works to accept two TE’s.

Representing as well, in case you guys are in the baltimore area, hit me up, maybe we can have a round of SSFIV on my cab and some sinigang.


That’s what happen to me…Instead of collecting arcade sticks, i ended up collecting arcade cabs…I have 9 total, I probably want one more Atomiswave SD or 2 Astro City…

Having an arcade cab just take your gaming experience to a whole new level, that’s why i want to get rid of my sticks…


If I would get complete access to our basement, I’ll probably go with multiple arcade cabs as well. I did want a VirtuaCop (1 or 2) cab and maybe a twin Daytona system. Other than that, maybe a 4in1 NeoGeo cab with PuzzleBobble, something my wife would like to play.

As for collecting sticks, maybe I can go only as far as getting a V3SA. I can’t really justify buying anything more, an extra one outside those on my vewlix clone is already “extra” in itself.