Joystick / Fight Stick help

So i’ve been debating. I’m either going to build my first joystick with already made components or I’m just gonna get a TE and get a TE kitty from toodles. But the thing i’m trying to find out is if I do get a TE will the TE Kitty work with the new soul calibur TE stick from madcatz? The 2nd question is that I’m a complete noob. I know the components I need but I’m not exactly understanding something thats apparently important in building fight sticks.

I’m probably gonna build this but anyways…
ChImpSDM + Toodles FGWidget + Neutrik USB jack + Case + Sanwa JLF + spark optical sensor + buttons (seimitsu kn) + arc eye 2. then the appropriate usb cables.

The thing i’m not understanding is, if i get a ChImp i wont have to tear apart a USB cable because the USB port on the chimp is a USB out and i can just hook it from that B - A on a Neutrik USB jack and through that plug it straight to my console right? The only time i would have to wreck a USB cable from a fightstick is if i didnt plan on using the Neutrik jack right? Thanks again.

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Yes the Chimp, Kitty and Cthulhu all will work with Soul Calibur V

Sounds about right

You do not need a Neutrik USB jack or Neutrik RJ45 Jack for your stick, they are optional.

If you want to connect a A to B USB cable to your stick and have a B USB port ready to use, a Neatrik is good to have.
If you are using a chimp, you can connect a regular USB cable right to the USB jack on the board.
Cuting up a cable or using a whole replacement USB cable is your option with the Chimp.

If you are using a Kitty, you have to cut the USB cord anyways (see Kitty guide PDF and Kitty thread).