Joystick for Macbook


So I FINALLY got MAME working on my Macbook and now need a joystick. I prefer US style bat sticks, but I have heard that Sanwa makes a US style bat stick. The problem is I’m horrible with my hands and probably would ruin a joystick if I modded it myself. I’ve read on this forum that the X-Arcade stick sucks, yet I also have read on this forum that it is very easy to mod it with Happ parts. I would prefer something that would get me through college (graduate next year), requires minimum maintenance and wont break on me after warranty (which is why X-Arcade appeals to me) or at least will be cheap to fix (given my college budget). Something like the Hotrod layout would work as I play Neo Geo more than I play Capcom. I own a Neo Geo and can’t stand the Japanese style ball stick. Budget is $100 (maybe could go to $120) with the intention of getting something better after I graduate.

Recommendations please.

Thanks in advance!


Sanwa does not make a “US Style” bat stick, but you can get a bat top for a JLF. That said, it’s still a Sanwa stick, with the same tension (can mod with a spring) and throw. That said, I suggest getting a TE and a bat top if you want something sturdy. It’ll even last you longer than you need it to!


Just get a TE.


Custom Arcade Stick with MC Cthulhu :slight_smile:


Is the TE Mad Catz??? Haven’t bought a new system since Dreamcast, so kind of lost on who manufactures what.


Sanwa JLW + extra spring from an RC car’s suspension supposedly feels pretty damn close to US parts.


check out the trading outlet on this website. Somebody will eventually try to get rid of a nice happ stick.


lol, I guess that could work. BTW, see you’re from the Bay Area. I just moved to the Bay Area, any places I could get a custom stick built?


Well, I guess I might be able to. I actually have a happ stick I could get rid of, that isn’t too pretty. I going away on vacation for a week though but next week if you want you can check it out.


That would be cool. Can you post or send pics?


PM sent.