Joystick for returning gamer


Hey guys! I am an old member of this forum and recently found myself coming back to the fighting scene. My favorite game is Cvs2 and pretty much street fighter turbo and third strike. I am a broke college student so I am in search for a new joystick. My budget is $50-100 tops. I play Cvs2 online (demul emulator) with some friends from Mexico and I want a stick that works strictly with PS3 and PC. That’s it. For now I use my beloved Agetech from Dreamcast with a converter to USB. This stick is really beat up and doesn’t really do it, but I can’t do anything else for now. So I am here to ask the experts about getting a decent stick for that price range. I don’t want fancy lights, fancy art, fancy anything, I just want comfortable buttons (like agetech) and a nice joystick. It could be a shoebox with those components lol. Any recommendations?

I was looking at these: Are this any good?

Thanks guys for helping an old member of this great community. I am returning after so many years. Great to see this is still going strong.


That FS3 is not any good out of the box. I can’t speak to the Qanba Q1.


The Q1 is good only if it’s the Sanwa version.


Wait until UFGT, get a Madcatz TE on sale.


wuts wrong with the agetech


case is difficult to mod.


Mad Catz Wii u Tekken tag 2 stick is $50 on their site right now (sale ends 4/21), full Sanwa parts with a nice case. Get that and a zero delay ps2/ps3/pc encoder from eBay. Gut the Wii pcb and hook up the ZD, you’re good to go for $80 after shipping (assuming you’re in the US).


Holy crap, I had better pick up two of those, if not just for the panels!


Thanks everyone! I will look into that Matcatz deal. The stick looks very nice. I am sure it feels great too. I am not tech savvy by any means, so I don’t know how to hook up the no lag thing from ebay if I buy this Tekken stick lol. Is that difficult? You just open it and connect something? I am not into soldering or things like that, so I don’t really want to work hard–call me lazy, but is more like a non-technical guy. I just like plug and play, but that stick looks nice. I will order one if you guys help me connect once I get everything hahaha. Thanks in advance guys. Great help!!

The problem with the agetech I have is that it has somewhat of a delay. Also, I use a converter (plus converter) and it works great, but I have problems sometimes because the joystick feels very beat up. The joystick doesn’t respond too well to Cvs2 right now. Looks like my stick is having trouble understanding the motion of foward+some button. When I try to do foward+any button, it looks as though the stick ignores the button movement, like you can’t do that simultaneously. I don’t know any technicalities, so I don’t know what’s wrong.

For example: When you do foward + medium kick in Cvs2, with Ryu, you get that kick that makes him go forward while kicking. This can’t be done right now. Also, with Rolento, when you do foward+low+medium kicks he super jumps forward, but instead, he jumps backwards when I do it hahaha. So having this problem makes it extremely difficult to play well. Also, the agetech doesn’t work with PS3, at least with Third Strike Online didn’t work at all. The ps3 reads some of the buttons, but they are all over the place.

I love the agetech though. It is perfect! I am looking for something like that. That tekken one seems nice like the agetech. \

  1. The parts are Ascii OEM parts that you have to gut other cases to fix the original Ascii joystick… OR, you can about the long way and TRY to mod JLF parts to work with the Ascii parts. It’s not practical in either case.
    The Agetec case, as good as it is, really was a budget-line joystick and those aren’t made to be upgraded and aren’t supported after things break. The only budget-line joystick I’m aware of that had upgradeability designed into it was the Mad Catz SE and its variants!
  2. The Agetec joystick case itself is a pain-and-a-butt to mod. It is a higher skill-level mod job… it’s doable but most people around here won’t do it unless they have tools and are comfortable using those tools.
    The Agetec case wasn’t constructed to support easy installation of Japanese arcade parts… There’s an awful lot of plastic that has to be cut to fit buttons and quality arcade levers. You have to be good with tools, patient, and plan things ahead and know what you’re doing before you make cuts! This is NOT a case mod you do in a day unless that’s all you’re planning to work on for at least a half day… IF you work in two-hour or slightly shorter shifts, plan on the modifications taking at least a week.
    We’re talking about shaving down the tunnels behind the main hold buttons to be able to install any Japanese-style arcade buttons. The original Agetec buttons are 28mm spec held in place by the metal faceplate. That faceplate itself – should you choose to keep it instead of buying or making a replacement made of plexiglass or Lexan – would have to have the button holes enlarged to fit Japanese 30mm buttons. Only 28mm Korean-spec arcade buttons are interchangeable with the original unmodded Agetec faceplate and button tunnels.
    The harder Agetec case mod is cutting the original joystick mount off to fit JLF or Seimitsu control levers with good clearance. That involves quite a bit of cutting by hand and it’s not recommended to use a Dremel for this part because of the probability your hold on it will slip and the power tool WILL ruin part of the case interior. Those cuts have to be accurately measured ahead of time because in some areas of the case there’s not much clearance if you make a bad cut or take off too much plastic. It requires a lot of filing and test-fitting with replacement parts…


That ZD encoder is as simple as possible to connect, no soldering needed. We will be around to help it you need it. Just make sure you get the .110 connector + 5 pin joystick harness version (as opposed to the .187 connector version designed for American style parts). This is the one you want"



Just wondering if it’s possible to still use the stock home button with this PCB? Or will it be the Start+Select deal?


Didn’t think about the home button, I use that board with ps2 and pc. You’ll be bypassing the existing pcb, so the Wii home button, stick select, and turbo functions will not work. You would have to add a button to use the home function under this setup, which would man some light case modding (dual mod is also doable, but more difficult) or you could just use the home button on your ps3 pad when you needed to call it up.


This setup should be pretty similar to the TE + ZD Encoder combo. Just buy some cheap buttons that fit in the control panel. The ZD encoder doubles the mode button as the home button for ps3.


Ok. Thanks guys. I just ordered the joystick. Now I will order the Ebay part :slight_smile: Is there another website where I can order this from? I don’t have a bank account anymore and I can’t pay with paypal. Is there someone else that sells this without going through paypal?

Thanks guys! I am excited for my new stick. I love my agetech, but he is too old, squeaky, and tired.


Haven’t seen them anywhere other than eBay. Might be best to have someone you know closely order it for you.


Yeah, I will do that. I am going to bug the girlfriend when she comes home lol Thanks guys.


Thanks for replying guys. I have the joystick already. I am waiting for the other part that I ordered from Hong Kong. Then I am going to need help installing the part I ordered. The stick is very nice. The feel is just great! I love it so far. I don’t like that it is for Wii, but I guess that was a great deal? I saw those sticks sold for like 150 online. So that’s a great deal! Thanks for the tip guys. Hopefully everything comes out alright once I get the other part. I should have no problem, right?


Should be smooth sailing once you get the board.


Grats, good luck with the install!