Joystick for Vita working youtube video


This was not done by me. A similar video exists for a PS pad mod for the 3DS circle attachment.


The text reads

  • tried attaching a joystick to the vita
  • joystick is removable
  • turbo works

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Nice! It’s good to finally see one completed.


Putting those Stock Hori Parts to use


Someone needs to pick up and scan that glago magazine he writes for. Im assuming that’s why he never puts up details of his projects, because they’re in the magazine he writes for.


I sense a TE Kitty VITA edition on the horizon lol


What does he mean by “attaching?”


sexual bonding, i hope!

a deep connection encompassing the physical and emotional spectrum, forged by love and wires, that can never be broken. two halves become one circuit, one spirit, one mind, one body, forever.


Only to be broken apart by a pesky Dremel.


"sadly, our romance shorted out and the marriage was desoldered"


Story of James and Lucas.


from the front side switch I think the stick might be some kind of Wireless controller.


So kind of like Eric Cartman’s Trapper Keeper?


Keep Rosie O’Donnell away… “Oohhh… Bad pie!”


So going to mod a PSVita dock into my next stick.


I’ve ordered it, but it may be a time coming. If anyone can get scans earlier, I can probably translate.


Like most people, I’m curious to know if this PSV stick requires any modification to the system itself; the 3DS ones, while really cool, required him to modify the 3DS unit itself (there’s some special connectors coming out of the lower left side).


Picked one up. There is a possibility that the user is doing remote play on the vita synced with the ps3 system that they’re using and they’re playing it on the vita instead. The joystick could be hooked up on a PS3, rather than having bluetooth support alone, since the Dual Shock 3 controller is not compatible with the Vita. I tested it out and it didn’t pick the bluetooth signal.


What does the Vita do if you just connect a stick to it directly with a male/female adapter? And unless there’s some workaround, when you go into remote play you have to use the vita’s inputs and you would have to be starting the game through the PS3 which it doesn’t allow atm so I think this is a legit connection in the vid.


didn’t Ono say Madcatz should produce some tiny vita fightsticks?


is there a usb port on the Vita? do we have to mod or can we just plug in? I would assume that if there is a USB port any stick that works on PS3 would work on Vita.