Joystick Grease / Lubrication

I heard some people just use crisco

no you don’t ned circlip pliers, just a regular screwdriver… I must have removed mine a dozen times this weekend for the sanding down of the shaft to fit on an FS3

For those of you who are still looking for Shin Etsu grease, you can go to any Honda dealer and ask for this part number (08798-9013). List price is something like $16 so you can probably get it for around $12. You can also get it here

Are you talking about a Sanwa stick? Because in that case yes, a small flathead screwdriver will do but the Seimitsu sticks use a different ring that is a bitch to remove (and not mangle) without proper pliers.

OK been doing some research on this… you can most probably use Shin-Etsu G-30M as an decent alternative, which can be found for $20 delivered.

Google 08798-9013 Which is G-30M for Honda parts

Shows that this is just G-30M

Now someone correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t really need high temp silicone grease in a joystick, therefore G-30M should be just fine… Plus it’s manufactured by the same respected Japenese manufactuer that does the G-40M

Anyway that’s what I’m going with !

I’ve also sent an email to Sanwa asking their opinion.


I believe you recommend Shin-Etsu G-40M to lubricate your joysticks.

The spec for this silicone grease is for high temp applications.

I am wondering if your technicians feel that the Shin-Etsu G-30M (which is readily available over here in the USA) would be also fine to use?

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(Google Translation)


???- 40M???


??? -?30m ???wondering???


Thanks, i didnt know if i should grease the pivot or the pivot rest. The security ring on my LS32 have been switches to a easier ring to remove.

so i decided i didnt want to pay over $5 for the lube i would be using. So i went to my local Ace Hardware to see if i could find something that will work.
I came up with this(i bought a single for like 4 something)

“ACE” Silicone Grease 90% pure
* 1/2 fl. oz.
* For rubber and synthetic “O” rings
* No petroleum additives
* Waterproof, non-staining, non-toxic, non-flammable
* 450 deg. F max
* 90% pure
* Plastic jar
* Carded
On the back it says its recommended as a lubricant for ruber and plastic parts. Provides a protective coating and prevents rust and corrosion on ballcocks, plungers, packings, bearings and washers.

So once my springs and switches come in for my LS32’s, ill disassemble them, lube them up, and reassemble them with the new parts. Ill let you guys know how it goes.

So Lizard Lick was able to hook you up with Part 4 of Seimitsu LS-32?

I want to buy a tube of Shin-Etsu and divide contents into small parts and give to SRK Member who need.

I emailed chad, he said they might have some coming in his next shipment. I also contacted the AKI shop and they carry them. So i sent payment and they should be shipped out next week hopefully.
That would be pretty cool if you did that, how much would you charge members?
So im waiting on my black/white PS-14-GNC buttons and LS32 springs from Gaming now. Then ill just need the switches and ill be good to go.

i’d go in a partial order with you. i can’t justify ordering a full tube

Hey if you guys do this I’ll go in on it too.

Oh wow.
I didn’t know that you guys would be interested in doing.

so i got bored and went ahead and cleaned up one of the ls32s and used the new grease i bought.
I applied it last night before i went to sleep. Testing it out this morning, my motions feel alot smoother and i dont feel any friction. So its doing the job. Now time is the test.

A tube of shin etsu grease will last forever! Ive maybe lubed 10 joysticks and barely dented my tube. What were you guys thinking of putting the grease into . I might be willing to do a little container for 5 or so bucks shipped. I’ll go to this little craft store tomorrow and look for some containers.

I say do it. You can probably make some some money back on that grease you bought.

Go and get some oral syringes. And then sell them in the trading outlet.

A person uses about 1cc of toothpaste a day i’m guessing, so 3ml/cc should be a 5 years supply for most people. 1cc=1mL

Just make sure you roll them in some stiff cardboard taped up in a bubble mailer when you ship to keep it from squeezing out.

Also found a 1cc container. Proabably the same amount that a thermal paste syringe has.

Feel free to PM me if you plan to go through with it.

Looks like I won’t have to do any work.

Passed on to masturfader now.

aj, I guess a dab of lube (fingernail size?) might be sufficient enough to get the shaft working nicely.

Okay , since this was passed on to me I picked up some containers that hold 5 grams. They were about .55 cents a piece. So .55 + .80 del. conf. + up to 1.00 envelope + guessing .80 shipping and all the time spent.

.55+.80.+1.00+.80= 3.15 So I’m thinking 8 bucks shipped for 5 grams of grease. What do you guys think?

This stuff goes a LONG way. The amount I use is miniscule. I take the cap off the tube, run my finger inside the cap and voila , thats the magical amount.

Let me know what you guys think. Heres a link to my FS thread…

Has anybody tried using hair grease or pomade?

Never mind. I read that pomade has petroleum.

I think I’m going to try this product though.