Joystick grips tutorial

Is there a tutorial on different ways of using the joystick. Not just showing the grip but playing with the grip. I think 90% of problems for beginners is trying to execute the moves consistently. They won’t be able to move onto the harder combos if they aren’t comfortable with the way they hold their joysticks.

Its all about personal preference. Just find a way thats best for you and there you go

I want to know the different grips so I can find what is best for me.

There’s a thread about it in the tech section.

Ultimate Guide To Holding Japanese Balltop Joysticks! thread:
Ultimate Japanese Balltop Joystick Holding Guide Video:

There are more kind of grips next to those.

yesssss, i knew someone was gonna make this thread again. no offense to op. its all good. im just making it my efforts to post this in everyone of these threads until its stickied somewhere.

dang it really IS every day with this

You gotta be fucking kidding me.
Just hold it which ever way is comfortable with you.

I use no homo.

This ^

I use my fingernails. I don’t cut 'em, cause I get more chi flowing that way.

I grip the balltop like it was hazardous waste, barely making any strain to move it.

^This link is VERY helpful. Good stuff.