Joystick help thanks



this is the joystick i wanna get cause i heard/read that hori is good and the price range is right around where i want it becasue its going to be my first stick, and im not sure how far i wanna go in this yet(far enough to buy a stick :)) my question is. is this a good stick? if anyone knows of another brand or sticks i can get for around the same price? ive heard madcatz too but ive also heard they are preety faulty so any suggestions are appreaciated thanks


It is an okay stick, but if you have played on a TE or Hori RAP 3 SA, it is tough to go back.

One of the buttons might die out in 6 months and modding and repairing it could cost you more than if you got a great stick in the first place.

The SE might have worse quality parts, but its easy to upgrade for $50.


some links would be great and at the risk of sounding like a total noob. i dont know what TE or SE is srry :stuck_out_tongue:


Let me google that for you
yea and if you were looking for a stick about 2-3weeks earlier, they had a deal for 19.99 for the Play Station 3 Fighting Stick 3


Shoryuken - 9/9 - 9/14: Mad Catz Sale - 20-30% FightSticks + $100 F/S Round 2 TE!

If you want to put in the extra money for the top of the line, get the “Street Fighter IV “Round 2” Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition” for $100 with free shipping.
If you want the lower quality but still acceptable alternative, get the “Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick (Standard Edition)” for about $60.


thanks i think i will get the 100 dollar round2 TE thx alot guys for all the help


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