Joystick issue (possible replacement)

Hey guys,

I just noticed an issue that I am having with my TE Round 1. In the middle of a game, I lose the ability to move right, block right, etc. Other times, I don’t even have to touch the stick and I am moving to the left and blocking constantly. As you can imagine, this is causing a bunch of play issues. At some point tonight, I’m going to crack open the case to make sure everything is still wired correctly, but aside from that, I am at a loss. If everything looks good, would I benefit from replacing the joystick? I have another one in an SE that I never ever use, so I was thinking of replacing with that. Thanks for the info!

You dont have to replace the whole arcade stick, you just need to replace the micro switch assembly

This actually happened with my stick and wasn’t an issue until I had tried to dualmod it with a TeasyStrike. Phreak walked me through some diagnostic steps and it was determined that the voltage on the LEFT line was too low for whatever reason. He wrote it up on his blog here: Hope this helps.

If you have to replace the assembly here’s where to get it

Thanks for the replies. I have it switched out and seems to be working fine, but time will tell. The old one wasn’t too noticeable at first, but we’ll see

I am pretty sure I’m having a similar issue. My stick will no longer push right at all no matter what i try. Do you think if I did replace the entire stick it would fix my problem. I wanted to get a slightly different one for awhile now anyways and I figured it may be easier than replacing that part. Also if that will fix it where is the best place to learn how to do that and purchase one? I was looking at focus attack recently.