Joystick (JLF) tension

Hey guys, sorry if I am posting in the wrong section or if this topic has already been discussed but I have been wondering if it it better to play games like SSF4 ae and umvc3 with a loose stick or a tighter stick. I am a player who takes pride in my execution but have found myself to be getting worse at pulling off moves when it is crucial. I just wanted to get some insight on this and if it would be better to put another spring in my JLF shaft to make it tighter or just work harder with the stick loose.

Better to work on your execution than to play around with your stick and hope that it helps.

I’ve tried a ton of springs. d3v is right. Although a tighter spring can return to neutral a hair faster it also takes more strength. With a stock jlf I find the stock spring is the best or maybe an ls32 spring if u wanted just a hair more tension imho

ok thanks d3v. So theoretically a worked in stick should perform better than a brand new stick? Ive had mine for about a year now and put a good amount of wear and tear on it.

Thx guys

You’re welcome!

Ideally you should practice on the most common setup, which is stock, in the off chance you ever need to borrow a stick.