Joystick Lube?

What is it used for? How do I know if I should use some?

when your joystick squeaks when you play, then it should be time to apply the lube.

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Though at the price they charge for lube you might be better off just getting a whole new JLF…

Or you can buy 5 grams of Shin-Etsu G-40M Silicone Grease from masturfader for $8 shipped.
That is the lube Sanwa use for their Joysticks; listed in their Catalog too.

And it will last super long time.
A tube of it cost near $40 from site.
So masturfader divide the contents into containers for you guys.

Does it specifically have to be Shin-Etsu or will any Silicone grease do? I know a couple of hobby shops here where I live that sell silicone lubricant (although they’re mostly used for lubricating airsoft rifles).

I always use it with my customs. ones with naughty pics rofl jk

Shin Etsu G-30M from your Honda car dealer is basically the same thing as G-40M and whatever stuff Lizard Lick sells. G-30M sells for under $20. That’s what I ended up getting.

Be careful with this stuff, though… Like a lot of electronics lubricants (ex: heat sink grease) it’s toxic and also a skin irritant. You don’t have to use a lot to lubricate joystick pivot points but don’t get it on your skin, either!

Use chapstick?

Chapstick’s not recommended. It has natural oil in it.

Synthetics are better for lubes because they won’t corrode the metal or dissolve plastic parts.

Anything made with natural oil has the potential to destroy both metal and plastic. It won’t happen in one day but you could potentially see really bad deterioration within a year or less.

I put some high-temperature ball bearing grease on the pivot on my JLF weeks ago and it’s just fine, no erosion or stickiness or anything like that. Got a whole can of it for $5 at a hardware store.

Yes, like GeorgeC said, you can use the Shin-Etsu G-30M also.
It is what Honda use on their cars.

Sanwa even said can use on their Joysticks.

Would your average WD-40 not do the same thing?

No, WD-40 is petroleum-based product. Need silicone-based lubricant for plastic applications.

Where are you supposed to apply the lube?

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Underneath the Dust Disc, you will see White Pivot.
Pivot sits in a half-circle.
Lube goes there.