Joystick motion

i’m new to 3s and i just want to know the joystick for this combo

i want to do a shoryuken then cancel to SA1.

do i do a shoryuken motion then quickly the motion of SA1 or is there another easier way?

i see people do it with ease, but when i do it… >.<

so yeah

just do a dp, then go to forward and do another qcf+p and it should come out, so it goes like this:


Some cabinets are more forgiving than others.

You can sometimes get away with doing 1/2 a HCF.
Like doing: F, D, DF+P, D, DFxx SA

It’s the easiest with someone with a multiple hit DP (Ken’s Fierce/Strong…Akuma’s Fierce/Strong…Elena’s Roundhouse…Dudley’s Fierce…)

i can cancel dp like moves with your method but how do these ppl cancel say hadouken into shinkuhadouken?

Just change where you press the punch button. So you do qcf+p (hadoken comes out), qcf+p right after, and the SA1 comes out.

really ive tried this a couple times and it hasnt worked. so basically the super motion with a punch inbetween the sweeps? hmm if this works ill be playin better heh :tup:

As a visual key, you should be done with the 2nd motion before the xxFireball comes out or the moment it becomes visable.