Joystick newbie, couple questions

ok i just upgraded to a madcatz SE from a hori ex2. A big reason i wanted to is because i heard that the buttons on the ex2 fail so i got a SE fightstick. but I’ve watched videos saying the SE is great when the buttons work, then they say it fails quick. These reviews were posted months ago and im thinking the reason the buttons failed were because of that loose washer thing. but they fixed that already right?? so im still wondering if the stock buttons fail. I’ve heard the stock joystick is fine though.


  1. i was wondering if they fixed the loose washer problem
  2. Will the stock buttons fail over a short period of time (a couple months) or at all
  3. where can i buy some good buttons and how much (sanwa?)
  4. is the SE worth $20 more than the ex2?

thanks for all the help in advance, im sorry if i sound scrubby but yeah, im newb to fightsticks, still trying to get used to it. also the buttons feel better and looser than ex2, those were a little stiff

my friend picked up one last week, and it still had a loose washer and 2 buttons stopped working within 2 days. hes gonna mod it now

Like in 2 seconds I found this. There is tons of info out there read…

The Washer, which is for the Joystick, has nothing to do with Buttons.

ok, but the washer is all good now right? im still unsure about modding


Go ahead and mod it dude.

yeah i figure i rather have the SE crap out on me rather than the Ex2 easier to mod

haha nice i live in IL carol stream is near where i live. although do u know if i can pick up??

I feel like answering stuff today…so
1.yes they did but it doesnt hurt if you mod it.
2.probably yes.,
4.uhmmm what do you think??you want to mod your stick easier go for SE if you want to challenge yourself go for ex2…stock parts wise…SE

thanks, what buttons work for the SE 30mm or 24 mm?? and what is the difference?

30mms standard size push button for sanwa/semitsu…
commonly as face buttons 24mm generally for start and select,
the difference is 6mm ( I didnt understand that part of the question)

24mm Buttons will just go through a 30mm hole.

And 24mm is just the size of the hole for 24mm Button.
Including the Rim, 24mm Buttons are 27mm in diameter.

so for the actuall buttons (not start and back) its 30mm? and all i need to buy is the button right? i dont need to buy anything else? im going to mod the stick some other time.


yes you can pick up. i go in there all the time for parts.

Get 6 or 8 OSBF 30 and you are set. Also a JLF if you want a better stick. The stock stick isn’t so bad if the washer is a non issue.

oh wow u live in bartlett? i used to live in hanover park. I would have gone to bartlett high if i didn’t move

but about the stick, so far everything is still working. Although some of the buttons kind of jam, i think it is because they are being pressed at an angle