Joystick on lap, how to avoid built-up heat?


Do any of you have that issue or is it just me?

I usually play with the stick on my lap and overtime it builds heat on my lap that my thighs start to get all stankyyyyyy.

The bottom face of my stick is a painted sheet of compressed cardboard, supposed to be a cheap canvas.
What is the bottom face of your stick case made of??

any of you TE users experience this? I’m asking because it’s something I can think about when I build my next stick in terms of material.

Also, if I don’t have a circulear sander handy, how can I make rounded edges like the nice wooden case you guys make?


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I don’t see how a huge joystick with a tiny pcb in the middle of it can build up any heat, so the heat is coming from your body, we’re not doctors. :smiley:


You might have big legs/thighs that heat up the bottom. Open your legs up a bit? lol no homo (srs)


get a fan to blow between your legs

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Try sitting with just your sitting bones on the seat, and the stick near your knees so there’s plenty of circulation. I sit like this and I’ve never experienced any uncomfortable heat. As a bonus, sitting like this forces your back to be straight.


I play on lap too, and find the wood bottom of my stick kinda warm, i assume a plexi bottom will be colder?


The hell? An Arcade stick is just a hollow wooden or plastic box with a tiny, simple PCB inside. Not like its a laptop with complex processors, chips, etc that put out a lot of heat.

If your playing for so long a time that just the stick being on your lap, gets a little warm, then take a break for 5 minutes or so here and there.


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You are playing with the arcade controller in your lap. Which most likely means that your legs are together (almost closed) as you play. Your thighs work alot like your armpits. You are working yourself up as you play, and likely sweating all over - not just between your legs.

My suggestions: wear light/loose clothing for starters. Train a fan on yourself. Instead of playing on your lap, find a small rolling table top that you can position over your lap (much like the ones used in hospitals for patients lying in bed). Or you can construct a small platform that rests from one armrest to the other of your chair.

This IS one frakked-up thread… not anything I thought I would ever see much less comment on here. Sad thing is - I can pretty much relate to the problem. I don’t know how many times I played SF only to come away a sweaty mess after a couple of hours of solid gameplay.


This is starting to get serious


get a dinner desk