Joystick on Madcatz FIghtstick Pro not responding


I bought a second hand Madcatz FIGHTSTICK PRO (XBOX 360).
It used to work fine, but out of nowhere, when I plugged back the fightstick, the joystick was not responding.
In street fighter 5 (PC), the joystick works fine in LS mode, but not in DP mode. All buttons are responding fine. In the USB game controller configuration, the joystick never responds (be it in LS or DP mode).
With jstest (Linux), the joystick works fine in LS mode. But in DP mode, it only works UP/DOWN, and LEFT/RIGHT seem to be bound to LT/RT buttons.
Do you guys have any idea what’s going on, and how I could fix it ?


Open up your joystick applet in Windows
You can go via the control panel, under devices and printers or in the Run Box (Win key +R) type joy.cpl

See if you stick works there, if it works there the stick is working correctly.

The thing with Street Fighter V is that it has compatibility issues with the majority of controllers on the market and it wants a controller with Xinpiut.
Also Xbox One sticks suck for PC use, it has its own host of issues separate from whats going on with Street Fighter V.

I’ll try that, but it used to work fine with SF5 (and it’s a 360 controller). Thanks anyway

The Madcatz fightstock pro has a driver “problem”. or should I call it a driver "blunder."
It’s licensed by Microsoft, so it is Xinput compatible internally, but the directinput compatible driver is missing options that would exist on a PCB that actually clones the Xbox 360 internally,


  1. the Z axis is missing. it’s mapped directly to buttons instead of LT/RT in windows. this makes the Madcatz act more like a PS3 controller, and it’s called “madcatz fightstick neo” instead of “Xbox 360 controller for windows.”

  2. The analog joystick Axis is missing. If you select LS or RS on the stick, you can’t test it in “Devices and printers” because it simply isn’t there! You need a program that can see the xinput part of the stick, then it shows up. But this means for anything that IS NOT Xinput based, LS and RS won’t work at all, unless you map it to something through Joytokey or X360CE.

e.g. Joytokey can see the LS and RS axis. X360CE can also see it, as it can read xinput’s API (which is why street fighter 5 picks it up).

The Qanba Q4raf’s “LS ->hat switch/Dpad” is toggled by a button which changes a state on the PCB. The Madcatz has a physical rocker switch which most likely switches voltage to a different line like a breaker. Please check the wiring and make sure a wire didn’t fall off of something. your problem is going to be directly on the PCB or one of the connectors (not on the joystick end)

oops, ignore

LOL Microsoft

I’ve already opened it up, and everything seemed fine. I’m gonna give it another go today. Thanks for the explanations.

Also the Home button does now show up in joy.cpl.

I also notice you spelled Fightstick as “fightstock”, is that a Freudian slip or I take it you aren’t a fan of the Pro

Um, sorry.
I Didn’t mean to spell it like that.
And the home button is not supposed to show up in anything, although xinput picks it up.
Neither my Xbox 360 pad, my Qanba Q4 in X360 mode, nor my Madcatz “fightstick Neo” show any bindable controller input when you press the home button. But the windows Xbox logo (that green thing that says “click for help”) does appear and steam big picture comes up when I press the home button. Joytokey picks up the home button under xinput as “button 13.” X360CE doesn’t show anything. Windows game controllers/joy.cpl only shows 10 buttons.

More of Microsoft completely bungling up this console gen.
Now they are trying desperately to repair what they can with cross platform play.
Even though Microsoft burned there bridge with Valve/Steam on the issue.

And Sony could easily said no instead of willing to working with developers and willing to meet Microsoft half way on this.

BTW about the triggers,

Joytokey shows Trigger left as “button 11” and trigger right as “button 12” and Home (as above) as “button 13”. But Trigger left is ALSO shown at the same time as Axis 5 >0, and Trigger right is shown as Axis 5 <0.
Sure looks like the triggers are being shown as BOTH buttons AND analog simultaneously under Xinput, but as a split Z axis under directinput. That’s probably why directinput games can’t use the Home button or triggers under directinput, because they don’t show up as buttons under devices and printers.

The guy above me said that the triggers on the Xbox One don’t appear as anything whatsoever.

I know that, its how MS though they were the Big Dogs and though they had enough popularity to muscle Sony out of competition.
But they found the whole thing exploding in their face, people aren’t going for the DRM and Unnecessary Paywalls, especially when Sony stated they will not do that with the PS4.
Microsoft been playing catch up ever since despite the consoles being so similar. Its like Microsoft was too arrogant to learn from Sony’s mistakes with the PS3 and Sony took notes to know how to improve.