Joystick or buttons?


So lately i’ve been having problems doing Balrogs Ultra on SFIV. Sometimes after I headbutt to ultra, I miss the ultra(believe me, I do it right). I never used to have this issue until recently. Maybe the past week or two. I recently modded my SE Fight Stick with new Sanwa buttons yesterday because I thought that might be the problem, but it sometimes still occurs. I’m starting to think it’s the joystick. Is there anyway it could be damaged? I opened it up and it looks the same. I took it apart the day before yesterday to make sure the washer was still super glued(another adjustment I made awhile back), to see if maybe that was the problem, but it’s fine. could it be that somehow I put it back together wrong? I would doubt it, but just asking. Let me get some feedback from you guys. I feel like i’m going to get bashed with “you just don’t headbutt to ultra right” but I never used to have problems and I even tried it in training mode and once in awhile(90 percent of the time, it comes out).

P.S. The buttons work perfect by the way, I tested them consistently in training mode


You really need to learn the concept of troubleshooting a problem. It will really help you later in life. If you’re having problems with a device, and the problem isn’t mechanical, start with a list of possibilities and narrow it down to a few options. Based on your list, the problem is either the stick or you. So why make a thread about it?

Go to training mode, do the Ultra and turn on attack input data, did you even think about that? Wiggle the controls around and look at the arrows on the left of the screen. Are they popping up accurately? Plug it into a PC, go to control panel -> game controllers. Push all the buttons and wiggle the stick, is it responding? Stop, take a breath and think for a minute. You don’t even have all that many things on your list to troubleshoot…

If the answer to those is that is IS responding accurately to your inputs, then the problem is left with you.


did you happen to switch tvs from what you were used to? HDTV lag? Either that or you could always swap out the stick for a real arcade stick.

Edit- You should follow inverse’s trouble shooting methods first.


SE stock stick?


It’s actually a stock joystick. but I changed the buttons. Thanks to the first poster. you’re right, i’m an idiot haha forgot about that input data thing in training mode. thanks