Joystick or dpad?


so i usually get raped online at street fighter 4. I just rented it and i play with ibuki. it seems slower then the 2d games but i think its chill. But I play with the joystick and was wondering if the dpad is any better?? or it just doesnt matter…? just wondering cuz i wanna kick sum ass in this game! haha but seriously though add me on xbox if you want


It doesn’t really matter. I prefer the arcade stick though, due to the fact that I don’t get blisters with an arcade stick…
You can get good with either controller, but you should try both the pad and the stick at some point to acquire a preference. Once you figure out your preference, you’re pretty much good to go.


thanks man! yeah i donnt think i’ll be buying a aracade stick i think im better with a controller. but thanks again man!


Dpad on Xbox is notorious for being inaccurate, but use whatever works for you. Go into training mode for a bit and make sure you can do everything consistently with whatever input method you decide. Personally, I like the dpad better than the analog no matter what controller, unless I’m playing a grappler.


Joystick FTW. you’ll have to get past the learning curve, but it will be worth it. If there’s an arcade around you, you’ll be using a joystick.


I think the OP is referring to the analog stick on the 360 controller.

OP, when I play SF with a controller I use the analog stick. If you search youtube, you can find some video tutorials on modding the d-pad to improve it’s accuracy.


when i played with pad i used the dpad. i have an xbox and find the analogue stick awkward, especially with FADCs and ultra motions


I play with both depending on mood. Might as well know both since you never know where you’ll end up playing.