Joystick parts?

Hello all I was wondering whats a good parts store on the web that I can order parts from, besides Lizard Lick. I hear they are a bit backed up, so somewhere somewhat close to California and not too expensive would be nice. Thank you

How about farther than Lizard Lick?
Focus Attack is the cool store now.

You want closer to California?
How about Hawaii?

Paradise Arcade Shop is the place to be.

Yeah i was looking at focus attack! thanks a lot jd ill order from em ^ ^

Hey MhintTea!!! Minty TEA! omg fresh breath! jokes joke, u can try ebay seller arcadeworlduk, just google ‘arcadeworlduk ebay’. and u will find it, i baught all my parts from him, and i live in australia

Another +1 for “arcadeworlduk”, mainly because they’re the ebay arm of Gremlin Solutions :smiley:

that is nice to know thankyou i had no idea!