Joystick problem Mad Catz SE Fightstick!

Hi everybody,

this is my first post and i hope it’s in the right category.

The direction “up” of my joystick does not work, but all the others though. Do I have to completely replace the joystick or I can solve this problem in another way?
I hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance.

I had that problem with an SE i picked up. Just needed to replace the cable between the stick and pcb.

^ might be the TPMA pcb as well. Don’t buy anything without testing with a multimeter or other spare parts

Alright. I will try it. Thanks for Answers.

Multi meter is my #1 most recommended tool.
If you know how to shop around, you can find a decent Multi meter for a good price.
For beginner electronic engineers, hobbies, students, average joe some of the cheaper multimeters sold online isn’t bad

Here two links I found, they do the job and they aren’t too expensive.

I checked the 5 pins of PCB and all seem to be ok. What could be the problem? How can I determine if the “up” wire doesn’t make a break in it?

Hier a picture of the pins i checked!24066&authkey=!ABP8NKa6jfi9IWc&v=3&ithint=photo%2Cjpg

It’s probably a bad microswitch, replace the JLF PCB (costs about $13) to fix it. If it’s still a problem after that, your controller’s PCB will need to be replaced.

To test wire, put both probes on both ends of the wire and see if it beeps/reads 0.
To test the switch, put both probes on both metal tangs coming out of the switch and press the button. See if it beeps/reads 0

How did you test and decide it was ok?

if it’s an SE stick you’ll honestly be best off if the stick is broken so that you have a reason to replace it with a real stick if you haven’t yet.

Hah, it hadn’t even occurred to me that he’s probably talking stock parts. Yeah, you should just replace the thing with a real Sanwa or Seimitsu lever.

I replaced the JLF PCB, now everything works great.