Joystick Problem

Hello members of shoryuken, first off im new here so forgive me if i put this in the wrong part of the forums and secondly i wanna say thank you for taking the time to check out my post and questions.
Well here’s my problem i have a Hori DeathSmiles 2 arcade stick and for some reason my joystick wont go up or down only left and right and my RB button doesn’t work. Now here is why i think they don’t work i have a lot of carpet where my games and consoles are when i went to go and move the joystick with my index finger i heard a little static shock go from my finger to the joystick and after that is when my arcade stick started to get the problems. So i think its the PCB for the arcade stick that got short circuited iv been thinking about buying one online but id rather have some feedback before i waste money, so what do you guys think? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated thank you again.

where all your problems happening right after you ESD’d it? if so then yeah. it only kills IC’s. sounds to me like you may have corrupted the internal eeprom of the microcontroller. its not totally dead so you have to kinda guess what got damaged. there is nothing you can do unless you work @ hori. 30 days, bring it where your bought it. in 90 days call hori. after that email hori and ask nicely what it would cost if you buy the part and fix it yourself. tell them what happened, maybe they will understand.

Thanks for the feedback, what you said kinda blew me away at first but i did a little bit of a study and it seems pretty legit. Ill be sending hori a email asap cant seem to find the number though but id still like to know if i could just buy a whole PCB and just replace it, that should fix the problem right?

yeah you just need the main board. you don’t need the daughter board or the button board or whatever. I would not tell them too much cause they will think you are a modder or something. just tell them exactly what happened when you static shocked it and tell them you can swap the PCB if they send it to you. just to save them the hassle of shipping. (pretend like you care) this is the way to get what you want

Thanks i tried what you said but hori wont supply a PCB by itself and since i bought it over 90 days ago they wont take it and fix it either. So i tried to find some PCBs online but i guess there aren’t any PCBs for the 360 because of some security chip on the motherboard I could of read wrong not to sure but I cant find anything, so if you could make a suggestion to a PCB that i haven’t heard of or maybe the next best solution…im desperate here i miss my baby T_T

You have to buy Xbox 360 Controllers to get the PCB from.
Recommend for use is SFIV FightPad or WWE BrawlPad or SFxT FightPad SD.

Or a GameStop branded Mad Catz #4716.

Awesome thanks for the quick reply but i have two questions…
1.Could i just use a AfterGlow Xbox 360 controller PCB instead?
2.Is there any way other way i could fix it without having to solder the wires i don’t have any experience in that department




Shit…well i have this website that i found that could possibly help me
could you maybe recommend another website that could make this experience a little more bearable and easy so i don’t mess this up

No other.
Well, maybe YouTube for how to solder.
And the Thread on SRK for information on Padhacking.

Alright well i have just a couple more questions
What if i swap out the eeprom from the afterglow and put it into my hori stick. Do you think that would work?
and i cant seem to find any diagrams for my afterglow PCB so i cant tell whats ground and whats not is there a certain way i can figure it out?

Just solder two wires for every Input.
One for Signal, other for “Ground”.

I type “Ground” because Afterglow is non-Common Ground.

So just wire up two wires for everything.
You will have thirty wires total.

Then just connect to your Buttons and Joystick.
Does not matter which wire goes to which contact on Joystick and Button.

You will have trouble with the Triggers though.
That is why I said to get the FightPad or BrawlPad.