Joystick Problems

Some years ago I built a joystick controller for playing games like street fighter mortal kombat etc on the PC. I used a PS1 controller connected via a 2 port PS1 to USB interface to the PC.

There is no name on the joystick but from looking at pictures online it would appear to be a Happ Super joystick, and it works like a dream however I then decided to build a second one and I could not find where I could purchase one of these joysticks so I bought a Happ competition joystick which from all the reviews was supposed to be much better than the super. I have been so disappointed I have real problems playing games like street fighter dragon punch is difficult to pull off etc. Did some more reading found that the problem is normally tight actuator but my actuator floats so I am out of solutions. Anyone has a suggestion I would be happy to hear it.

PS The second joystick controller uses another PS1 controller connected to the second USB port USB interface.

Happ comps have somewhat of a break in period. They’re gonna be super stiff right out of the box and only after hours and hours of heavy use will it settle down. That and they dont tend to be the most accurate joysticks in world.

Oh but ways its terrible to say the least, I hope your correct but if what your saying is true then I have to play under these bad conditions for hours and hours before it gets better. I tried swapping the spring with a lighter one from a Happ Ultimate and still its difficult to get moves.

If you bought the Happ Comp recently they don’t come with cherry’s anymore and the build quality isn’t as good iirc.

Grab an iL Comp/Eurostick

I was looking at these IL sticks and I was seriously thinking about getting one but I bought my Happ Competition from lizardlick from advice just like this one and I got stuck with a crap of a joystick. Can anyone who has bought an IL stick from lizardlick testify that these are indeed as good as they claim to be.

Well my comp is an iL comp and I thought it was very good for what it was.