Joystick Problems


OK. So I have 2 sticks:

1 is a Full-Size HAPP Competition Joystick
The other is a Mini-Size Competition Joystick

So SF4 comes out, and my brother who hasn’t played SF in years decides to start playing again. I let him use my Full-Size Comp stick.

He is the kind of player that uses s SHITLOAD of force when he plays, so you know the stick will be moving around all over the place.

Just today, I started to use the Full-Size Comp stick for 3S (I’ve been playing nothing but SF4 with my brother, so I use a HRAP 2 SA). While playing, I noticed that when I did 360 motions, it didn’t feel as smooth as it should be, given that there are no corners.

When I go from :db: to :df:, I can hear the stick grinding against the wood.

I test my Mini-Size and do 360s, counter-clockwise. I don’t hear the grinding and 360s are smooth as silk.

So the only thing I can think of is that my brother was the cause. Is is possible to use so much force while playing, that wood surrounding the stick would deteriorate and no longer become circular?