Joystick question + buying online


Question 1. so I’ve always thought that the ball on top of the joystick is supposed to be screwed on tightly so that it doesn’t rotate when you are using it.

but the other day i finally got the chance to try out a tournament edition stick and an SE stick. Both of the ball tops rotated when i twisted the top with my fingers. I don’t know whether the ball tops were just loose, or if they’re supposed to be this way, because i have almost no experience with arcade sticks.

so i thought you guys would have a better idea than me.

Question 2. I live in Canada, and I figure it’s cheaper to buy a TE stick from and pay for shipping, than to buy it from anywhere in Canada. I’m just worried if things might get damaged because it’s considered “international shipping”, anyone with real experience I would appreciate your input!


The shaft rotates freely. The ball top screws onto the shaft securely.


ahh ok, so it was the shaft that was moving, not the ball top


Might/Might not be cheaper.

Remember even though we both use dollars, you’ll have to convert currency to US dollars and pay a small fine for each dollar you convert. It might just add up being the same price as buying in Canada.


What he said above, I agree with.

The problem with large items (other than books and small video packages) is that you may pay more for shipping and on top of that Canadian authorities may make you pay some sort of ‘penalty’ tax.

It stinks and the borders should be less restrictive in some ways because of commerce BUT
a) Canada tries to protect its industries so that they are NOT totally Americanized;
b) with the recent problems with terrorism both in the US AND Canada they’re checking more items crossing the border;
and c) as a more socialist country than the US, the Canadian government is going to come up with ways to tack on more fees
to raise money to pay for their entitlement programs.

This a reality of life and I totally understand the frustrations with crossborder shipments but you’ve got to realize this isn’t totally an American position. We LOVE commerce with our cousins and intercontinental business partners. The problem is that it’s GOVERNMENTS (including ours sometimes) that generally make things more expensive, not individuals and corporations in most cases!


hmmm okay so what i’m getting is that if i do order from U.S. since I live in Canada there may be hidden fees like import taxes or similar… hmm…

okay so i just did some calculations and buying from a local store is still about $40 more expensive than buying from amazon. But when i’m buying from a local store i guess i’m paying for immediacy and paying for what i want, whereas with online i have to wait and it’s not 100% guarantee that there will be no hidden border fees or other. hmm


If your local store is a locally-owned business instead of a super-chain I’d say buy local in your case. If it’s just a Gamestop-or-equivalent-BS then do you have any friends near the border that would re-ship for you?


yeah it’s a locally-owned store, they actually started out specializing in reselling old-school games, consoles and stuff, but now they carry pretty much everything, most of which is from trade-ins (or so i’m told). Anyways, what makes you say to go with the local store?


Support your local economy.


hmm good point, alright now i just need to make sure i bring enough money next time i visit and not get robbed along the way ^^.

thanks for the input everyone, i really appreciate it.

  1. The SE sticks were notorious for the ball tops to unscrew easily. How to solve the problem, take off the bottom plate and take a screw driver to the bottom of the stick shaft and securely give it a firm twist.
  2. Go to and order a TE rd2 stick for $160 + provincial taxes and get the free shipping option. Either that or get the HRAP V3 SA for $131 there. The border taxes to Canada is ridiculous especially when ordering such heavy and big items. I ordered my Qanba RAF3 from play-asia, sure it was only $100 but Fedex shipping($45 to Toronto) plus duty fees($25) came out to be pricey.


oh man i forgot about duty fees… hmm I almost forgot about that Hori stick, and it’s in stock too…i’ll have to talk to my parents and see if they are okay with ordering online, otherwise I’m just going to the local store and but the new Round 1 they have, it’s still about $10 more than buying a Round 2 from… but dammit I just want a stick, the store deserves it, and my parents can shove their anti-videogame propaganda elsewhere.


Just an incentive from buying from, they may charge provincial taxes but there are no duty fees since it’s within Canada. My friend ordered a stick and he pretty much got his the next day of the shipping notification. Same with my VLX when my friend ordered it for me in the states(Black Friday deal).

Just convince your parents that a stick will give you the arcade experience without the danger and constant $1 games you’ll be saving in the end :smiley:

They’re already plenty of threads about Hori vs MC but I have mention from first hand experience that I like the Hori sticks more than the TE sticks(lots of time spent at local casuals has given me enough hands on time on all the sticks…so much that I bought a V3 SA at one point).