Joystick Randomly Pausing?

Sorry if this has been asked somewhere before, since I couldn’t find it.

I’ve noticed this before with at least two different types of joysticks. The first time was with the X-Arcade joysticks playing on a PS2. The joystick would randomly input the start button, causing the game to pause. This happened much more often if you wiggled the cord connecting the joystick to the system, especially if you did so near the base of the joystick (something to do with the output of the joystick being moved around?). I kind of wrote it off as the joysticks just not being very good, which is a fairly common opinion.

However, I’ve also noted similar behavior recently with the HRAP3 while playing PS2 games on the PS3, where the game will pause randomly without the start button actually being pressed. I don’t recall a joystick randomly inputting anything besides start, either. Does anyone know what causes this to happen, or if there’s anything that can be done to prevent it? I only really care in relation to the HRAP3, just fyi. >.> Thanks in advance. Let me know if there is any additional information I could provide that might matter.

if it’s happening to more than one stick, then it sounds like a problem with your controller port
EDIT:more than one system, okay, drinking sum beers
try connecting it to a pc and go the the control panel, then game controllers, then click on the controller and select properties, and see if one of the buttons is constantly showing as being depressed(ie:sad:)

if it is, you’re gonna want to open the case up and look for exposed wire or even the quick connects maybe disconnected and touching each other