Joystick repair in Toronto

Looking for someone to do some repairs on an old TE.

Buttons are having problems not responding randomly. Got it repaired before and worked for a little while longer, but started shitting out again.

Please ask in [THIS THREAD](Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post

I live in Toronto
What’s wrong with the stick?

I’ll be in Toronto midway through April if this isn’t already resolved by then.

I’m just looking for a new Sanwa TP-MA PCB (Switch) Assembly… the two stores I deal with (Canadian Joysticks and Focus Attack) are both sold out, and I need to fix mah stick!! -_-

Downtown Toronto, please let me know of any sources. Thanks!

Check out A&C Gams on Spadina

Seconded A&C, or you can also check out Paradise. I don’t know if they have that part or not.

Wow… I’m at A&C Games almost every week for the weekly tournaments, and I know they had buttons and other parts, but didn’t know they also had assemblies… well they did, and my stick is good as new! :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestions guys, appreciate it. :tongue: