Joystick replacement advice for a Nakitech Joystick


Hey all, I just picked up a cheap stick that I’m looking to mod with better parts.

The stick is the Nakitech Wireless Ultimate Fighting Stick for PS2/Xbox. Its apparently the same body design as the Saulabi SPS-1000.

It’s a strange stick with very unusual features. Not only is it wireless, it also has these weird surface mount thumbsticks so analog only menus can be navigated, and it even has a rumble motor.
The buttons are 30mm stock, making them ideal for drop-in Sanwa 30mm buttons. I’ve already done that.

What I want to do is replace the joystick with something, ANYTHING better, but the holes are very different from sticks I’ve modded before. To accommodate the rumble motor at the end of the stick, the whole casing for the joystick itself is large.

The screwholes are in a square shape, each located 6.5cm from each.

I don’t want any visible holes through the top of the case.

Does anyone know of a Sanwa or Seimitsu joystick that would fit these holes?

I can provide pics if needed.



Provide pics, please.
I trying to search the internet for this stick, and I found zero results.


Found it.
It turns out the brand is not “Nakitech”, but just “Naki”.

Definitely looks like a knockoff Salaubi (Korean) case.
You might have some luck if you look up tutorials for that casing instead then.

The holes for the buttons on the Salaubi are 28mm, not 30mm; so I’d find it odd that you can put in Sanwas or Seimitsus. All the better for you, I guess.
Not sure if Sanwa/Seimitsu sticks will fit in a Salaubi, but in a worst case scenario, you can put in a Korean stick (Crown, Myongshin, etc).


Oh, that thing. Its a POS.

I agree with FreedomGundam, that stick is most likely going to accept Korean not Japanese parts.


I own dozens of sticks, and I don’t think its really that bad. I’ve seen far worse, plus I like the novelty that it has analog thumb nubs that work a lot like the PSP’s for navigating menus and theoretically allowing even FPS games to be played using an arcade stick. The rumble feature is a throwaway novelty though. Also, I like that it’s wireless, though not that it takes three AAA batteries. I think I’m going to replace that with a three AA battery compartment.

The stock parts suck (of course), but the buttons really are 30mm on this. I’ve already replaced the eight face buttons with Sanwa OBSF-30’s.

It’s common ground, and it’s got a giant weight on the bottom and plenty of room to work with. I’d say its more mod friendly than even Mayflash sticks are.

But the problem remains the joystick. I’ve replaced the microswitches with Cherry’s I had lying around, but the actual stick needs to go. It’s short, it’s squeaky, and it has no restrictor gate making it pretty much a circle gate.

The problem is the mounting screws are square, and extend beyond where a JLF would go. Sanwa mounting plates are all rectangular, but I need square ones.

I have no experience with Korean parts. What are the top of the line Korean joysticks? I’d personally like something similar to Sanwa’s JLF if at all possible, with something like Sanwa’s Octagonal Gate.


I’ve done some basic research on Korean sticks, and since the holes appear to be 6.5cm apart in a square shape, that eliminates some right off the bat.

The ones that I think they’ll fit correctly are:

Crown CWJ-303N
Crown CWL306

not sure if there are any others.

I know nothing about Korean sticks. Which of these is the best? Can I buy something like an octagonal restrictor gate for either, or modify a Sanwa gate to work?


Old Naki Ultimate Fighting Stick threads and reviews

From other reviews that stick is a laggy, buggy POS with equally POS buttons and joystick.

Nope, no Octo gate and there no feasible way to make a Sanwa gate fit.

My recommendation, the stick not worth the mod, save up for something better


Isn’t there some “universal mounting plate” being sold? You would bolt your stick of choice (JLF, etc) to the plate, and bolt the plate to the K-stick holes.


Hm… it looks like one g’s solution was to build himself a mounting plate out of wood and then attach a JLF to that.;topic=47497.0;attach=22631;image

That’s a decent idea, but I’m concerned that would scrafice too much joystick height, especially considering JLF shafts aren’t long to begin with. If I was to do that, I would want to install a joystick with a longer shaft length. Does Sanwa or Seimitsu have something with an lengthened joystick shaft?

Also, DanAdamKOF, that sounds like exactly what I’m looking for. I did some searching and I found a successful kickstarter ParadiseArcade had for what they call the Universal Arcade Joystick Adapter Plate.

Does anyone have one of these? I’d like to know if this has square pattern holes about 6.5cm across from each other, to make it what I need.


paradisearcade also has the twist which is height adjustable shaft


To get the standard JLF height of 24mm of shaft between the top of the play surface to the bottom of the balltop, the mounting plate of the JLF should be installed approximately 8-9mm underneath the top of the play surface. Depending on how the original mounts are done in the casing, you shouldn’t have too many problems with achieving that.


You’re totally right. But so funny to think about the phrase “Knock off Saulabi”

I think that translates to “Not-so Powerful Game”



So can anyone give me advice? I’d like to put in some stick, but I’d not sure what one to go with.


A quick Google image search will show that neither the Myoungshin Fanta ( nor the Crown CWJ-303N ( will fit in a 65x65 square; they both have mounting holes at 50mm x 75mm.
Which is confusing, because a Fanta will fit just fine to a regular Salaubi case.

But seriously, I think you have all the info that you need; your best bet is to make/buy a mounting plate that’ll convert your existing mounts into something usable. Then just put in the stick you want in there and call it a day.


I think I’ve found a solution on my own.

Removing a JLF from another stick just for testing purposes, two of the four mounting holes line up with a JLF, and can be secured that way, only top and bottom and not all four. I suppose I could add a mounting plate too for added stability, but just with two of the four screws mounted, it ain’t going anywhere. I wired it up and tested it, So the joystick problem is now solved.

Moving on, this is one stick I’d like to replace the massive surface area with some custom art. However, I have no experience with this at all, and I’d prefer to commission someone to design cut and size art that can be mailed and then I just simply stick on.

Is there anyone on this forum that offers a service like that?

the surface is identical to this:


It’s definitely not hard to get someone to commission some art, and even print it out, but it’ll be pretty tough to find someone who’ll cut it for you as well.
Your best bet is to find someone who BOTH has the stick in question (though the closest you’ll probably find is someone with a Salaubi), AND is also does art commissions. You’ll probably want to get it printed on some self-adhesive vinyl.

Almost all of the time, you won’t find any pre-cut artwork, because it makes it less flexible for you when you apply it: being off by a millimeter on one side can cascade to being off by several on the other side of the casing.
What you’ll want is art that’s uncut (hole-wise), so that you slice those out AFTER you apply the artwork, so that all the holes will be guaranteed to be perfect.

For printing on nice vinyl, you could hit up "Jasen Hicks"‌‌ here; he might be able to help you out, or at least point you in the direction of someone who could. (Dammit, I still don’t know how to get the @ tagging to work with his name).


Game on Grafix also do custom vinyl prints


I suppose I could try to apply the art myself, but since I’m new to this, I’m concerned I’d f*ck it up.

Since the plastic surface panel is removable, I wouldn’t mind mailing it to someone who can design a template for it, print it out and apply it. I’m using snap-in Sanwa 30mm buttons, so they can easily be added overtop the art when I get it back.

I think I’ve found some art that I’d like to use, but I need help with the rest of the process.

Can you guys recommend me someone who could help, or would it be better if I started a new thread for this since this thread was about the joystick and that’s been solved now?


No new thread. Post a request in the Official Arcade Stick Art thread. It’s on the front page of TT.


Thank you kindly.