Joystick screwed on too tight need help

I am trying to take my sanwa JLF off of my arcade in a box stick and put it on my sf4 se stick but the stick is screwed on too tight anyone have advice for getting it out?

Also does anyone know anywhere that still sells Pelican PS2 to PS3 adapters

Are you talking about the ball top on the stick? Need a flat screwdriver to take that off.

yes and thats what I am using but it won’t unscrew.

Use a rubberband or something. Or maybe a cloth and vice grip.

Do you need to remove the ball top? Can’t you just remove e-clip from the other end of the shaft?

OP: Please be much more detailed.

What exactly are you trying to remove? What method of removal are you using?

In your first post you say you are trying to remove the JLF, which would mean the ENTIRE joystick.

Then in your second post, you seem to say that “yes” you are trying to remove the balltop?

Help us help you…be detailed…with pics if possible.

Alright I am trying to remove the entire stick so I can take it out and put it in my SFIV SE.

What I have to do first is remove the ball part but it won’t unscrew because its screwed on too tight.

I am using a flat head screwdriver to hold the bottom part of the stick in place like instructed in previous tutorials like the SE SFIV stick mod tutorial in this same forum.

I have also taken apart sticks before with no problem but this one is giving me problems.

I also want to remove the buttons and put them inside the SFIV SE as well however I need to remove this stick first.

If you can’t get the ball to loosen with just your hand you might try doing it with a towel or channel locks (with a towel over the teeth to prevent scratching).

Ok, now I understand.

Few things:

  1. Are you sure you are turning it the correct direction? I know this sounds stupid, but its an easy mistake to make.

  2. It should NOT be that hard to remove. Here is something that may help: Wrap the balltop in a strip of cabinet liner. You know that super grippy spongy stuff that they sell to line cabinets with? That stuff is AWESOME for applications like this.

If you try all of those listed and it still will not come off…I’m not sure what to tell you except that you can remove the circlip, pull out the whole shaft, and move the stick to the other box that way…leave the balltop on and disassemble the stick from the bottom.

if you don’t have liner laying around. latex or surgical gloves will do the trick… if you don’t have any, a wad of rubberbands will do

I wore those yellow dish gloves to pop open mine. Make sure the flat head screwdriver is on the bottom of the stick, where the indentation is as if you were going to screw it off. Get someone to help you hold it on there if you need to so you can twist it off. Should not be hard at all to take off.