Joystick Sellers


Hey does anyone know of a good website that i could pick up a good pc arcade stick?




amazon? Just get a mad catz 360 one, they work on pc.


you can get a really good one from masssystems
they’re a bit pricy, but i’ve seen them work really well. plus it isn’t the crappy ball on stick joysticks. it’s the more traditional exclamation point style joysticks (idk what they are actually called)


or you can get one from my website.


I love 09er threads.


They’re called “bat handles” and it’s a personal choice between bat handles and ball handles (or lollipop sticks).

It’s a lot easier to find ball handles since that’s what is supported in Asia and manufactured the most. Bat handles are a Western thing more common to Western-equipped arcade machines. They’re not standard outside of old European and American arcade machines. Heck, arcades are practically dead outside of Asia!

You can get bat handles and screw them on to Seimitsu LS-32 or Sanwa JLF-8-style joysticks with an adaptor screw. Your color choices are definitely more limited with regards to the actual plastic molding for the bat handles. They don’t come in mesh or clear colored varieties like ball handles do…

The only clear advantage I see for bat handles is that they cover most of the exposed stick shaft metal. That’s easily taken care of on JLF and several Seimitsu stick types with plastic shaft coverers. Most sticks shipping in the US have shaft covers for ball handles.

Bat handles have fallen out of style on ready-made sticks since joysticks are pretty much all produced in Asia now. The last stick I owned that had a bat handle was an Ascii fighting stick… I felt no difference in handling between bat sticks and lollipops. Pretty much the same to me. Prefer ball handles for color variety, though.


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