Joystick shaft length?


I just got my first stick and ready to get serious with learning the genre.
I can’t help but notice the stick shaft is really short and I have medium-large hand, which makes my ring and pinky finger kinda-squashed in the shaft space.
Do arcades around the world have the same universal shaft length? I’d like to mod my stick to match the arcade machine in US/Canada or Japan if possible.


What kind of stick do you have


There are a couple ways you can extend the shaft of a joystick.

The first thing I would check is if you are using a flat mounting plate or an S mounting plate. The S mounting plate would raise your joystick up a bit and allow you to keep the feel of the stock joystick.

If an S plate raise is not enough then there are 2 more methods I can think of. The first is that there are some small metal shaft extenders that you just screw onto the top of the joystick and then screw the balltop on top of that. The other one is a complete shaft replacement which paradise arcade shop sells.

If you are going to replace the shaft or extend the shaft you will also want to consider modifying the spring too. With a longer shaft the spring will feel much looser so you should also consider a tighter spring to restore closer to the stock feel. You could also just leave the spring and try to get used to it.


Hori RAP4P Kai

I am trying to match my stick to the real arcade in both US/Canada or Japan, so that I can get used to the stick feeling when I plan my travel next year.


Your arcade sticks length is the same as the arcade cabinets that use the same stick.
Arcade cabinets stick will be closer to the buttons though, because your version is Kai(meaning there’s more space between the stick and buttons than the authentic Vewlix layout.)
Stick height is the same.


I’ve found the way sticks feel in arcades in Japan varies a lot arcade to arcade and even machine to machine; I’d say don’t worry too much about using a controller that’s accurate to what’s in the arcade (because that’s not even something that’s really constant) and just go with whatever feels most comfortable for you. The Hayabusa levers on the stick you have feel pretty similar to a worn-in arcade JLF to me (even moreso than some tighter Sanwas I’ve used), but different people look for different things in levers so it really comes down to preference


maybe this help?:

You can grab the stick like that or will try other “hands forms”