Joystick Specifically for Charge Chracters?

What’s in your opinion, the best joystick for charge characters?

I would guess that a shorter throw and a square gate would be the best no?

Does anyone who plays ‘Q’ in SF3 have a favourite joystick?

Stop asking stupid questions.

It is pretty much as you guessed, jeenyus1; square gate and short throw.
That could be a JLF or an LS-32, 33, 40. Even a stick with longer throw would be alright if you weren’t doing anything fancy like charge partitioning.

Case closed.


use whatever stick your comfortable with.

Ehhh? Any GOOD stick will do. Happ Competition for me.

Yeah…while its true that the only stupid questions are the ones that are not asked, this instance is kind of an exception. Sorry :sweat::sweat:

Spring tightness (how hard you have to press the joystick, how hard it snaps back to center) is very much up to personal preference. Some people prefer softies, some people like stiffies.

It’s generally agreed upon that square gate is easiest and circular is a little harder, but other shapes (octagonal and the Happ square-with-really-rounded-corners) work just fine too.

Just for the record, if you’re switching from pad, any joystick will make charge characters 1000000x easier to play. :smile:

I’m experiencing the total opposite; it felt easier doing certain moves on pad than on joystick (somersault justice), but charge partition on stick is smooth as silk. I guess I’m need to keep practicing with stick:wonder:

I thought I said “case closed” !

I’m actually switching form keyboard to joystick so it’ll probably be even easier.

Your av’s face went along with this so well.

+rep for making me think, at first glance, that someone had hacked my account and was gallivanting about as me.


which stick is best for SPDs…