Joystick spring mod

Alright im doing a spring mod on my mvc TE stick and i would like to know is this mod required for me to dissconect the buttons and the wire thats connected to the joystick to do this mod because i dont own pliers and that locktight to seal the wire back to the connector for the joystick

You do not need to disconnect anything.

so basically i can just flip the metal template over and then get to work and if anyone doesnt mind answering this whats the best tool to use to take off the c clip because i keep hearing thats the hardest task throughout the mod and i want to make it really really easy on myself with this mod

That’s right.
You just flip over the plate and start working on the JLF.

I just use a small precision screwdriver to take the Clip off.
And it is actually an E-clip, not C-clip.

Seimitsu LS-32(-01) has the C-clip (Circlip).

For a Circlip, there is actually a tool to remove.

oh my error lol all i remember that it was a something clip haha but i plan on using the ls-33 spring also i would like to thank you because you are very helpful um im just going to ask this random question and see if you might have a clue i played on a hori ex2 and the stick felt kinda stiff compared to the stock sanwa stick in the TE is the spring going to make it as stiff as horiex2 or alittle less stiff because i didnt like the horiex2 stick too much.

The sanwa JLF is a smooth stick, im considering the spring mod to tighten the movement which might help the dash forward in SSF4 after a Focus Cancel during a string attack.

have a look on youtube on a spring mod, im trying to find one where he puts folder paper between the clip or something to reduce the movement as well and the re-bound is mega fast.

same here im doing it because it just feels to loose sometimes when i dash i over dash because i dont know my own strength lol but i want it to feel alittle more stable so this is the best way to go [media=youtube]QytcbzZmXaI&feature=related[/media]
that is a link to a sanwa jlf mod which uses springs and electrical tape.

thats it. Give it a go imo. Seems like a sturdy mod as well.


Honestly, just learn learn how to use the stick stalk. Putting home depot springs and duct tape on a JLF is like going out of your way to ruin a perfectly good stick.

well i myself know how to use the stick but everyone has a personal preference they wanna go buy just like a crosshair in callofduty loose,medium,tight now im not putting tape on mine just using a brand name spring to get that feeling i want now what you are suggesting by using it stock is great for beginners so they actually can find there faults with the stick but other then mods arent that bad if the stick was perfectly good then it wouldnt need modding from certain people but im agree with you again its perfectly good as a stock sanwa stick. but i rather give myself as manny advantages as possible if its my stick. anything but turbo is cool with me lol

Sticks don’t need modding for certain people. Some people convince themselves they are unique snowflakes who need to downgrade their pro level hardware with ghetto home depot springs to truly shine. There is a difference.

But by all means, its your stick and your money.

on the flipside, some jlf’s actually do feel different then one another, even stock.
I purchased 1 madcats te for 360 and one for ps3. The ps3 felt like a normal jlf while the 360 ver felt a bit spongy and took a bit longer to return to neutral. something that not just I noticed but other people playing on my stick as well.

of course this can be remedied by just buying some replacement jlf springs, which I intend to do in the near future.
but I agree, the player should learn how to adapt to the stick, not the other way around.

I still prefer Happ components over Sanwa any day of the week. I am just a SF “old-schooler” in that regards and I have no intention of ever changing my ways just because the fighting game scene has. But I have come to realize that there is a place for Sanwa and it is possible for old-schoolers, such as myself, to play on Sanwa equipment with the right modifications. Those might not be true Sanwa JLF specifications, but hell - it is my equipment and my money so what the hey - in the end, IMO, I feel as though I am playing better because of my modifications to my TE:S’s stock JLF handle. Truthfully I purchased my TE:S because I wanted a peice of SSF4 memorilbia and really thought the black TE:S looked “way cool”. But it was my first real experience with Sanwa components and I did not care for it at all. After learning that I could apply a few low-cost tweaks to the Sanwa JLF, I did just that. My goal was to simply create a JLF that looked and felt like the Happ competition joystick. And I think what I did, accomplished just that. And from what I understand, many who feel as I do, have done the same to theirs.

The first thing I did was to replace the JLF’s ball-top to the LB-30-N “bat-top” using the corresponding threaded adapter. In the end, the JLF and bat-top are not quite as tall as the Happ competition handle, but I found this negligible. Next was the JLF’s stock square gate. It just felt odd to me. Perhaps it does offer more points of contact, but I don’t care. It still feels odd - so I switched it over to the GT-Y octo-gate. Well now the shaft rotates better… but perhaps too good. It moved around like an extremely loose Happ or at least one that was missing its spring. So after alittle research and comparison, I discovered that the Seimitsu LS-33 and LS-55 would both work very well with the Sanwa JLF handle. The LS-33 was somewhat lighter tension-wise than the LS-55, but in my opinion, if you opt to use it then do so combining it with the JLF’s stock spring, intertwining the two. This, IMO, provides near the replicated tension that the Happ has. It also had the adverse effect of tightening the overall throw of the joystick as well. Or at least it felt as if it were lessoned - but whatever… overall Happ “feel” was what I was going for here. I really was not interested in what others tell me to be otherwise. I did the same thing for my best friend’s TE the other day. Only this time removing the stock JLF spring altogether and replaced it with the LS-55. It gave the stick a slighter tighter feel but without the adverse effect of tightening the throw. And as side note, I did attempt to combine both the stock JLF spring with the LS-55 but this rendered the stick almost immovable.

Yes JP and american sticks offer a totally unique feel.

But I don’t get why you’d want to alter a perfectly fine JP stick to fit an american “feel” when you could just get a case that’s designed to be fit with american parts and throw those inside in the first place, if that’s the end goal you wanted anyway. You likely would have spent a lot less then the $150 the type-s ran you to create a happ or IL custom.

Seems like a complete waste of a perfectly good stick to me…but just my opinion, your money.

I always get annoyed when people say “learn how to play on a ******* square gate…” It’s all about preference. For me i have to put an extra spring in a sanwa or it doesn’t feel right. I also prefer an LS-56 to any other japanese stick. I play best on a Taeyoung Fanta. Unless it Guilty Gear in which case I suck on anything but a hard springed comp stick. I’m a bit weird I guess.

Point is consoles are what games are played on now so set up your stick however you want. It’s not as if everyone goes to the arcades anymore and have to play on a loose happ stick or a square gated sanwa or whatever they have on the machines.

ah ha I see some people get the point of getting that as close to perfect feel for there taste when you spend 150 bucks on a arcade stick like the madcatz TE your basically paying for the case along with the extra features like turbo and etc now they charge you alittle extra cuz the stick and buttons are roughly around 60 bucks if you count shipping and such now if you want to get rid of a part of the arcade stick such as the joystick which only runs you 20 bucks theres nothing wrong with that if anything you doing a mod on a stock sanwa stick is more of a upgrade and it gives it more worth to the owner of the stick just because you added a bit more features.

… <------ If you aren’t going to use those, can I have them?

well i completed the mod and it feels alittle better virgin tight like joystick ftw

Tape around the actuator?
C’mon, that’s a bit too ghetto, also it won’t last long!

I prefer to use heat shrinking tubes…
Cleaner, better, easier, and longer lasting!

i bet those tubes are easier to cut then thick tape lol but i think it feels great without the extra stuff the reason why i say this is because of my preference like how can you play with it being extra tight maybe my hand isnt strong enough lol and i dont think i want to fuck with that E clip again i dam near went blind it hit me with a unblockable ultra