Joystick squeak problem


Hello there i recently bought a brand new street fighter x tekken TE arcade stick, so i could play vf5fs, after a couple of days i noticed a squeaking noise when ever i move my joystick up.

Now i am a total arcade stick noob here so i have no idea whats wrong, the input works fine but the noise is there, and it is only when you move up, im not quite sure what this means, could my stick be breaking? is this normal?

Any feedback or information will be helpful


Dirt on the microswitch can cause this. If you’re feeling confident you can take the microswitches out and clean them. It’s not overly difficult and does the trick.


thanks for feedback there, so lets say i do not open and clean the switch is the constant squeak harming my stick? for example making scratches or something, i can live with the sound.
I just do not want to open my brand new stick… this is my first stick so i know nothing about the tech side of it


Anyone else know anything about this issue?
this is the problem i am having, my one makes the sound when i move it up
this is a video i found on you tube, it is not mine


If it is just the dirt I don’t think it can do any real harm. Even if the switch goes eventually you can just order the switch assembly and replace it (no soldering, takes 5 minutes)


thanks again for help, i am down here in New Zealand, a bit of a bummer i do not think focus attack does international shipping, will have to look somewhere else, and yea hopefully the switch does not go, so i do not have to.


You could just order a new stick too if you’re super lazy. Or just pretend it’s a Seimitsu ls-56 (they seem to be famous for squeaking) and play on :slight_smile:


I have a Hori SCV stick, and mines squeaks when I do a down lol. I’ve gotten used to it though.


yea with the music on, and when your mind is on the game etc, you dont notice the noise to much. As long as its not something serious.



Hi there.

This is a natural sound of microswitch pressing, some switches makes that sound, some others don’t. Doesn’t mean it’s dirty, the sound may probably gone later…don’t worry 8)


This has happened to both my Hori VX-SA and TE Round 2. It’s extremely annoying.


I just opened the squeaky microswitch, took out the red part, and cleaned it. Seems the squeaking stopped, let’s hope it doesn’t come back.


Very helpful thanks, looks like i will go back to learning my stick!!