Joystick squeaking(Not the stick itself)


Recently got a JLF-TP-8YT-SK sanwa stick from akishop and it seems to have a squeak when the bottom switch inside the stick gets pushed down, how would I fix this? I have silicon lubricant but don’t think it’s possible to get inside the switches. Anyone know what to do? Don’t wanna wait forever to get a replacement from japan D:


Worst comes to worst, you can always pick up a TP-MA from places closer to you than Akishop.


True, but I live in denmark and it’s freaking dead around here when talking about arcade stick parts D: Closest shop I know of is in germany and he doesn’t have the TP-MA, only the buttons themselves, and I don’t really know much about soldering.


I managed to fix it, opened up the button in question(it has a lid that isn’t glued to the housing of the switch) and applied some silicon lubricant(Turtle Wax, mainly used for cars but I’ve grown to like it), and now it works perfectly, already tested the stick and it works fine now.