Joystick *sticking* On my new WWE brawl stick

Just bought a WWE Brawl stick from Amazon (360 version). I wanted something cheap to use while I try to get into fighting games. After about 2 hours of trial modes I noticed that if I held any direction for more than about .5 seconds, the game would continue to move in that direction for another ~.2 seconds. I thought it might be the game, but there is sort of a clicking sound when I move the stick in a direction and then let it go. On times where it sticks the clicking sound comes well after I have let the joystick go to neutral.

Ohh also, I find it hit or miss when trying to jump diagonally in either direction.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Should I open it and try to fix it.?

If I were to buy a Sanwa Joystick and replace my current one would it fix the problem?

Should I just return it and go for a TE? (Pushing my budget but still doable).

Did you buy the Brawl stick new or used?
Was it from Amazon it self or a seller on Amazon?

Do you have at least basic understanding of electronics and some minor technical/ mechanical skill? If that is a YES go for it.

Yes. Sanwa parts are perfect drop in replacements of the parts on the Mad Catz WWE Brawl stick.

See my first question, if its from Amazon it self, sure go for it.
If its from a 3rd party seller, you have to check to see if they will take returns.

Also do not be surprised if you have to pay for return shipping.

On the Turbo Panel, is the switch not set to DP?
But is instead on LS for some reason?

Also, the stock Joystick had slightly small Restrictor.
It causes for the Diagonals to not activate.

I had the same problem. Think about buying replacing the parts in the Brawl Stick with TE parts.

I used my brawl stick for an hour and I knew I had to replace everything in it. If you use Focus Attack, it’ll set you back between 50 to 70 dollars. But it’s worth it.