Joystick "sticking"

I modded a 360 Hori EX2 stick with all Sanwa parts and everything is working fine but lately, the joystick has been “sticking”. When pressing down, the microswitch will click and the joystick position will return to neutral but the microswitch is still being held down. If I move the joystick slightly, the microswitch will unclick and then the stick will then be registered as neutral.

Is there a reason why this is happening? Does the actuator needed to be smoothed down? Help plz.

if you are using the hori actuator it can be too fat around the sanwa microswitches.

I am using it and and I think that might be what is happening. Didn’t you mod your EX2 stick as well? Are you using the hori actuator?

nah, i cut down the sanwa actuator so it is about the same height as the hori one. feels alot better and doesn’t stick at all. just cut it down and sand it so it is level.

if you look at the actuators together, the sanwa looks more level and slightly thinner compared to the hori which has a slight slope. probably what causes the problem since the microswitches on the hori have a deeper engage making the bigger actuator not matter as much.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Well, I got it to work with the Hori actuator right now by screwing the microswitches further away. But yeah, I will prolly use the Sanwa later. Thanks.