Joystick stopped registering? Help!


So I just finished swapping faceplates for the TE stick I have been using for around 2 years and a new stick box I just got from a friend. The new box with my old faceplate works perfectly, but now the trusty TE stick I’ve had for years doesn’t work anymore. It doesn’t register Up-Left or Down-Left but it will register left. I find this very odd and when I opened it again to check if the joystick connector was fully in, it was and I even removed it and put it back in to make sure everything was tight. The second stick is for my roommates so I need to fix this up quick. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Set the switch to DP.


That didn’t fix it, any other ideas?

Could it be stuck thinking DP is also LS for some reason?


Open it up and take pictures. Check the wiring harness to the JLF as well.


Try swappin joy switches. Could be done with.


Not sure if this 100% fixed it, but it seems to be a gate issue. The stick with the problems has an octo-gate and today started to register the up left and down left about 15-25% of the time and so I guessed it could be an issue and swapped in my square gate. That made the up-left and down-left work almost 100% of the time. The parts that weren’t 100% I’m attributing to user error but I’m not positive.