Joystick stuck up right alot :/

So I just finished my stick, well, basically. I have to redo some wiring and recut a bottom piece, not happy with the aesthetics of that. Plugged it in, everything felt pretty good on it, untill I started jumping, and jumping, and jumping some more. I looked at the bottom of the stick, and it seems to rest on the switch a little bit. I can get it to work for the most part, but it likes to rest there. Is it most likely my mounting holes are off center? I"m using a happs ultimate joystick (I know, I found out after the fact its a giant piece of shit. Planning on swapping it out) and drilled the whole for the stick 1 1/4" and even rounded it out, so even if it was slightly offcenter, I can’t see it wanting to rest on the cherry switches.

Any likely simple fixes? Something I may have done wrong

The most obvious problem would be that you’ve used the NC(normally closed) connector on the microswitch rather than the NO(normally open) one, this would cause it to act like you’ve got the stick held in that direction.


It isn’t all the time though. The way it seems is it will stay neutral, untill I push the stick down, when it goes back to reset in the center, it rests on the up switch. Meant to add that to the original post. It actually just comes back to rest on it, engaging it. And I don’t think it hits by much.

this is on pc or console. In the pc properties it doesnt tend to recognize any screw ups until after some sort of input is done on the stick.

Is this only for down, or does it also include tapping left or right.

anyways, your gonna have to recheck your soldering

No, no, I’ve actually visually seen it. The soldering job is good. (I had tested the board and the joystick before mountinig it all together permanently. I had problems with the joystick before clicking and having resistance moving right. Its smooth now) I can physically hold the joystick down slightly to stop it. I’ve taken the bottom off and watched the operation of it. For whatever reason, it likes to rest with it resting there. The hole was about as close can be to being centered.

I’m probably going to trade it out for a JLF, was going to go with a happs competition, but everybody seems to really like the JLF’s. Would be nice to figure this out and use it untill then.