Joystick Tension/ Height

Hello all, I’ve been playing with the stock TE stick, and I’m finding it to be too lose for my tastes. I’m looking to get a new one, preferably simetsu, that’s about as, or slightly less tense than a happ stick. I’m considering an LS-56-01, but the description of it being a “compact joystick” has me worried. Does this stick sit at the same height as the stock TE stick, and how is the tension in it? Is there anything closer to what I want without modding a Happ stick?
Thank you.

Adding a tighter spring is fine.

Bang’s correct. If you want LS-56 tension, you could buy just the spring at LizardLick and swap it.

Thanks, but is the LS-56’s tension close to a Happ’s? Or could I just get a Happ spring and mod it to fit?

What’s the difference between an LS-55 vs LS-56 spring?!? Thx!

I added a seimitsu LS-33 spring to the stock joystick on my TE for marvel. Everybody wants my stick to use, it’s so sick. Just make sure that the springs coincide and that they’re not one on top of the other.

Adding an Ls-56, won’t work. You need an Ls-55.

Ls-56 is too small, 55 fits inside pretty tightly.

I combined an LS-55 spring with the stock JLF spring. I wonder if I’ve spoiled myself.

As far as a Happ spring fitting, no. Check Kyle’s post here - He has a comparison photo.

From my experience not too much difference in terms of tension. Now in terms of throw distance it’s pretty significant. Also the LS-55 can have some pivoting issues due to a lack of a pivot (the washer that it uses can slip a bit at max throw).

Also I’m 99% sure this is incorrect in that with the correct mounting plate that you can put a LS-32, LS-40, LS-33, LS-55 or LS-56 in a TE without any problems. It does have a universal mounting system set up for Japanese sticks.

I was talking about springs. Someone mentioned adding another spring, and wanted to know if a 55 or a 56 would fit in the existing JLF.

I find the LS-56 to be a lot tighter than the JLF. I can’t say how it compares to happ since I’ve never used happ. Take note, the LS-56 comes with a VF mounting plate which is no good for the TE. You’ll need a MS mounting plate in with your order and I also recommend the octogate with the LS-56, its so nice.

I personally use a LS55 in my ASCII optical setup and I think it’s just right, I actually use just a single ls55 spring in all my JLFs/cherry setups too.

Agreed. I spam this as often as possible but the LS-55 spring makes the JLF perfect for me. Some people consider it too tight. It makes it feel solid IMHO.