Joystick Wiring Guide for Sanwa and Seimitsu Wire Harness

I made this for myself. There was a Sanwa JLF Wiring Guide, but I redid this one with info for wiring a Seimitsu Joystick. I figured I might as well share.

Link below:

Oh I see. :lovin:
Prettier than the one TheRealNeoGeo made.

So is your picture the one I link to now?

Sure. Free for anybody to use, but if anybody makes money off it, I want half.

I bought the 5 pin harness and joystick from focus on their website, they say that the red cord is the ground. Anyone familiar with their setup?

Get a multi meter, the pins on the joystick it self hasn’t change just the wire colors.
Wire colors are arbitrary anyways, Just take your time and identify each wire.

alright well, contrary to what was described on focus attack. com, the black is the ground. If you use the first diagram linked, you would just need to choose picture 1 and then flip the stick over, and all of the directions work fine.