Joystick Wiring Help

hey i was wondering what type of wire i need to build a custom stick cuz i bought 18 guage - solid wires and i was tryin to figure out if thats the right type of wire to use

The gauge of the wire does not really matter. What matters is the size of the disconnect (if you’re using quick disconnects).

whats a quick disconnect

A little piece of metal you crimp the end of the wire into and the other end slides on and off of the button switches. Helpful for disconnecting things quickly (heh) but not necessary if you know how to solder.

18 gauge is way too thick. Get something anywhere between 22-26 gauge.

Co-sign on that. Also it might be better to use stranded wire instead of solid wire so it is less likely to snap while working with it. Goodluck.

ok so i learned how to solder and stuff and no ive been told he right type of wire is there anythign u pros suggest i should buy extra for my solder gun cuz i bought an extra tip and the rosin solder for it do u think ill need anything else with it

I’ve heard that using a gun may be too powerful for small things like controller PCBs, but I could be wrong. Make sure you have a really fine pointed tip, that always helps. I always warm up the contacts, then drop some solder on them, then connect the wire. I dunno, I mean if you know how to do it you are good, I guess.

Should use 15w soldering Iron for small electronics

The number of watts your soldering iron has isn’t that important as long as it’s not ridiculously high.

Just be sure you don’t have a fancy ‘cold heat’ or wireless soldering iron.

And don’t let the iron touch the PCB tracks for too long, they WILL scorch and stop conducting.

Just use your brain and you should be fine, this type of soldering is only to connect parts, it’s not any fancy science stuff.

ok heres a good question now that i have all the wiring down whats the better stick Seimitsu or sanwa

It’s all preference. Many people feel that Seimitsu are the best stick for 2D fighters and shmups, while Sanwas for 3D fighters.

i kno this is a bit off topic but how is it that people get their custom stick to look like it has no screws in it for example it looks like one solid box. liek i wanna kno how he gets that good look finish