Joystick with no 5 pin

I just bought a joystick and It has no 5 pin and was wondering how I would go about hooking this up to the pcb. Thanks

Telling us what type of joystick it is or what kind of microswitch’s it uses may help. Help us to help you, help us to help you.

Also, “The PCB”? Help us to help you.

It generally involves having two wires from your PCB for each direction soldered to the joystick’s seperate microswitch’s (one for signal, one for ground), unless the PCB is common ground, then you would pass the ground around each switch. Cant go into specifics though really with the information you gave.

It is for the Astro City arcade panel which uses a LS 32. And Im using the Madcatz retro arcade pcb.

you can always wire straight to the microswitches

Is it possible to solder up each direction to the pcb with the common. (up to up on pcb plus common, down to down on pcb plus common, etc.)

Yes, can do.


anyone have a wiring diagram I can see.