So last year I bought a SF:AC arcade stick and replaced most of the parts in it. For the most part I like it a lot, but I do have one problem with it. I hit diagonals all the time. I took the time actually look at how far I could go until I hit a diagonal and I found that if I strayed about 15 from right, left, up, or down, I would end up hitting a diagonal. I was just wondering if this is something that other people ahve run into and something that I’ll eventually get used to. Is there some way I could modify my stick so that I increase the tolerance for left, right, up, and down (like filing down the thing that actually triggers the micro switches). I’m tempted to just get a MAS Systems Perfect 360 stick, but that’s a lot of money for just a better joy stick (as I have no idea how to wire in a perfect 360 myself). Thanks for any help I can get.


Did you put a happ competition stick inside your SFAC, and are you sure you wired it up properly? Might want to open it up and be sure the connections are tight.


I’m pretty sure I did everything correctly, but I’m going to open it up soon anyway, so I can check. Anything specific I should look for?

Edit: Actually, does anyone know how hard it would be to put in a p360 into the Anniversery Arcade stick? I was reading the compatability guide above but I’m not really tech savy so I’m still not sure whether or not it’s doable.