Ver 2.0 - Failing like a mug


This is my kickstarter

I still think the bag is a good idea, but when I was @ Season’s Beatings, and everybody was hype until I dropped the price on em. (100 bucks delivered anywhere in the States as compared to 70+ for the capcom joint, 60+ for the Mad Catz Joint, prolly the same for the Hori joint)

High Quality Materials
Made in the USA
lots of colors
you can get it personalized with your own design

…yadda yadda yadda.

Cats buying 30 dollar t-shirts, walking around with 200+ dollar custom sticks carrying them around in plastic bags…

I just can’t figure it out.

How much would you pay? Do I have to get it done in China?



I thought the pizza bag carrier was a joke…

Wouldn’t this thread be better in “Tech talk”?


It’s about business. I could put in GD, but it is what it is.


$60-70 (not incl. shipping) is a good price for a bag, UNLESS you can justify the premium price (but don’t give away your profit margin!)

I can see you already have good plus points (padded laptop compartment; stick saver box is removable).
You need to emphasize the “Made in USA” and the quality of your stitching, etc.
Some terms on your warranty would be good, too (e.g. my current laptop bag has lifetime warranty on buckles/stitching).

Additionally, your kickstarter should show the personalisation ON THE BAG, not as a piece of cloth on marble-effect table (even Photoshopped would work better).

Please, remake your video, too:
[]You are out-of-focus for the entire video. Hire a better camera and/or do something about lighting (consider an all-white studio). Also, clear the desk before showing off the product, and put the camera on a stand so it doesn’t wobble.
]You stumbled your words once or twice – make a silent video, then add an audio dub on top. This will also help remove ambient noise.
[*]EDITING. Because you were doing the video in a single take, your motions weren’t as smooth as they could be, and the buckle hit the metal table leg too (making a jarring clanging sound). With editing, this could be fixed.
I don’t want to be too much of a dick, because I actually LIKE your product (though I couldn’t afford one myself atm).
But your professionalism still needs a bit of work.
Good luck!


Thanks for the feedback.

  1. the video - that was the toughest part of the kickstarter. I’d prefer that it just be pictures, cause I have a lot more control over that.
  2. The price

I’m thinking 60-75 might be the sweet spot, but honestly I’m not getting the feeling that people would buy even at that level. I know I can’t make one for that cheap myself. 3 yards of 1000D Cordura is 45 bucks. Throw in the neoprene/closed cell foam for padding, webbing, ripstop, buckle, and the box, and you’re at 120 - and that doesn’t include the time and labor.

I was talking to the dude @ my factory (here in the US of A), who gets all of that stuff for cheap, and to bring the price down to something lower

  • use cheaper fabric and only in 1 color
  • use cheaper webbing (the strap)
  • less padding
  • no box
  • no velcro (velcro is surprisingly expensive)
  • no metal buckle, use a plastic one instead

Do all that, and you end up with a Madcatz/Hori/Capcom bag.

Feel like Sony and Betamax…lol

Thanks for the feedback though, might have to go back the drawing board.



It all comes down to this: There are stick bags on the market already, for 30-50% of what you’re selling yours for, that don’t look nearly as makeshift. Your video and kickstarter haven’t really done an adequate job of demonstrating why yours is better in any meaningful way. Made in the US is nice, but it’s not double-your-price nice. The stick/button cover honestly just looks makeshift, and the first impression I got after seeing it for the first time was that it was the only part of the bag that was of any unique value. I could stick that part in any old random padded bag I could find anywhere and get similar results, so what’s my incentive to spend a bill on this one? Customization is cool and all, but it’s not something unique to your bag.

  1. stitching with better thread (unique)
  2. Better than Nylon, military grade cordura (unique) - not going to rip, tear, or wear out
  3. the box - nothing touches your stick or your buttons. (unique)
  4. 6 different colorways (unique)
  5. quick release air craft buckle (unique)
  6. pockets for your phone and drinks (unique)
  7. you can personalize it without destroying it (unique)

In terms of comparison, this is much closer to a Mission Workshop Bag (150) than it is to the Mad Catz joint (60).

But the more I think of it, nobody cares that much about their sticks.

As Season’s Beatings and numerous times @ Next Level, Most of the pro’s don’t seem to even own a stick, much less need a bag for one.
Most players rap just the USB cord around and carry it like an encyclopedia.

A solution without a problem.


Yeah, I think this is what it really comes down to. It seems more of a niche, one-off specialty product than a mass consumption product. All of your unique qualities you mention aren’t really solving a problem; they’re supplementary features. Nice supplementary features, but supplementary nonetheless. They’re not the sort of thing that inspires action from neutral people.